Types of Finishes for Custom Iron Gates

New Custom Iron Gates in Dallas Texas

Owning a gated property is more than just a visual enhancement of your living spot – it’s a security measure that needs upkeep to be at its best.

When it comes to gate materials, iron is the number one material used in the manufacturing process for gates. Wrought iron, however, is the preferred choice of many homeowners. Due to its visual appeal, wrought is part of many gate designs, from upscale mansions to suburban homes.

In this article, we discuss the different types of finishes suitable for iron gates and where to find the best gate repair and installation services.

How Many Finishes Are There for Iron Gates?

There are three types of finishes used on wrought and cast iron gates. Homeowners can either choose a finish on their own or consult with their manufacturer and choose from their selection.

Powder Coating Finish

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that uses electricity to adhere to the surface. After applying, the powder is cured in an oven to get a smooth finish. Curing the powder coating hardens its finish and makes it resistant to environmental changes, as opposed to traditional paint.

Choosing a powder coating finish for your gate might be the best choice if you want it to last a long time. Powder coating is also waterproof, so you won’t get any blistering due to rain or heat.

With proper maintenance, a powder coating finish can stay in perfect shape and last up to 20 years.


Traditional paint is still the most common type of finish for iron gates. Due to its easy application and wide selection of colors, choosing to paint your custom iron gate might be the right choice for you.

You can use paint with different finishes like glossy, semi-glossy, and matte.

If you choose painting over powder coating, for example, make sure you use high-quality paint to help its finish last 10 years.


Patina is a gate finish that creates a unique look over time. Weather conditions and age continue to change the look of a patina finish, and it’s applied to surfaces like metal, wood, or leather.

Homeowners use a patina finish to give their gates a worn-out, rustic feel that trended in recent years.

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How to Choose a Suitable Gate Design for Your Property

Suitable Gate Design for Your Property

Property gates typically influence property value. Gates are among the highest ROI-earning property features, with a quality gate boosting a home’s value by as much as $50,000.

Property gates don’t just increase the overall curb appeal—they provide a sense of protection for the property. They also enhance the home’s elegance and appearance of sophistication.

The increase in demand for real estate and the search for ways to increase home value has led to many clients asking 4 Sure Gates about gate design.

Beautifully designed gates are visually appealing and deliver ROI when the time comes for homeowners to sell their properties. However, choosing the design wisely is important; otherwise, you risk putting off potential buyers. When choosing a design for your gate, consider the following:

Your Home’s Style

Common home styles include contemporary, modern, colonial, Tudor, Victorian, and Cape Cod. Identify your property’s architectural style and keep it firmly in mind as you choose your gate design. To fully enhance your home’s curb appeal and underscore its style, you need a gate that matches it as much as possible.

Or if you have plans to remodel your home to change its style, you have to choose a gate that will match or complement it. Your gate should not look out of place: for instance, an ornate, cast iron gate would look odd with a modern, minimalist exterior. On the other hand, a sleek motorized gate would complement a contemporary home while also adding functionality.

Gate Space or Property Location

Regardless of how much you may want a grand, estate-type gate, you may not have the room for it. It’s crucial to accurately measure your gate to fit your space perfectly. The measurement of your driveway and the gate itself can differ significantly, and you have to leave room for the gate to swing or roll open as needed.

Gate Functionality & Accessibility

Some gates may appear aesthetically beautiful and match your home style well, but they may not be built for the purpose you’re looking for. If you’re primarily seeking a gate for security purposes, a wooden, rustic gate may not provide the best option.

If you want a gate that’s easy to open and close, you might consider getting a motorized sliding gate rather than a wrought iron one that has to swing open and may be too heavy for convenience.

Gate Types

Standard gates first come into mind when you think of residential gates. Often made of wood, iron, or steel, they can swing internally, externally, or slide open. They all have their benefits, depending on the amount of space you have and whether or not your property opens up into the street.

Electric gates are motorized gate options that can open automatically for you. This is incredibly convenient for people who often come in and out of their property in large vehicles. It eliminates the need to exit and enter the car just to open the gate. However, they can be costlier than standard gates.

HOA Guidelines On Your Gate Design

Homeowners associations typically have notoriously strict rules and regulations about gates’ appearance, size, and height. This is often because the aesthetic appearance of one home can affect the property values of the rest of the neighborhood.

Before designing your gate, look through your HOA’s guidelines and restrictions and ensure that the gate you’re about to install adheres to them.

Consult with Automatic Gate Design Experts to Find the Perfect Fit!

If you’re unsure of the best type of gate for your home, or where to begin designing the perfect gate for your property, it’s always best to consult the experts. We have plenty of experience in designing and measuring gates. Furthermore, we are aware of all the different options that you may not have previously considered.

4 Sure Gates has helped property owners across Texas design the perfect gate for their homes. With our full range of gate types and materials, you can select a custom gate option that matches your home’s aesthetics while giving you convenient features for utility purposes.

Contact us today for a consultation or read about our gate services.

Six Beautiful Wrought Iron Gate Designs for Your Driveway

Wrought Iron Gate Designs in dallas

Gates not only add a level of safety to your home, but they can help raise the value of your house significantly. The same thing applies to wrought iron driveway gates. They can even come with a wide variety of design elements that can take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

In this article, we go over six popular design elements that you can get for your wrought iron gate.

1. Post Caps

If your gate post is taller than four feet, adding a post cap is a great way to make sure the design of your gate doesn’t look incomplete. Post caps can also help deflect water and prevent any damage if your area is prone to extreme weather.

Post caps have a wide selection of designs ranging from Victorian-era themes to pineapple-shaped caps. Additionally, you can add a few other design elements to your post cap. Some homeowners choose to add lighting, which is a great choice for opening and closing the gate at night or dusk.

2. Balusters

Balusters are the vertical bars on your iron gate that allow the design to flow from top to bottom. In most standard gates, four horizontal bars will mark each of the four feet across the top of your gate.

You can also play with the design of your gate by changing the shape or size of your balusters, or even hiding them behind climbing vines to make the look seamless. Balusters can add a level of depth and artistic style to your wrought iron gate.

3. Hollow Balusters

Hollow balusters or “baskets” are hollow pieces of bars that help provide an additional level of complexity to your iron gate. These types of balusters are similar in design to traditional ones, but they merge at the top and create a lacy pattern that is perfect for hiding larger gaps.

4. Floral Designs

If you’re going for a more rustic look, adding a few floral designs to your gate is a great idea. There are a variety of options for this, from iron flowers to custom carvings that mimic the look of vines and leaves climbing up your gate.

It mixes intricate design with the sturdiness of iron, making them a great representation of nature’s enduring beauty.

5. The Arch

One of the most common iron gate choices is a traditional arch. This type is usually designed to be wide enough to drive through. This design has been around forever because of its simplicity and functionality. It’s a good idea to have one on your driveway if you’re going with a more decorative exterior design.

6. The Scroll

Scrolls are pieces of metal that seem to swirl and flow. The scrolls design is another popular element in iron gates design because it can work with almost any exterior style. It’s elegant and understated, but it still adds the same touch of class for your driveway that an arch does.

Breathe New Life To Your Driveway Gate Design

Iron gates can be a beautiful addition to any driveway, and there are plenty of options out there that you can consider. These design elements we’ve listed should make choosing the right design easier and take you one step closer to breathing new life into your driveway.

When installing beautifully designed wrought iron gates, it’s best to rely on a competent gate contractor. 4 Sure Gates is a professional gate contractor that assists clients in installing or repairing beautiful iron gates. If you’re interested in having one installed, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

How to Choose the Right Type of Metal Gate for Your Driveway

New Metal Gates for Your Driveway

If there’s one thing you can add to your property that improves its security and overall appearance, it’s a driveway gate. Adding a driveway gate will:

  • Protect your home from an array of threats, including trespassers and stray animals
  • Boost your home’s curb appeal, depending on the gate design you choose
  • Increase your overall property value because of the practical benefits mentioned above

If you want to maximize the aesthetic appeal and security that a driveway gate can provide, you need to choose the right type of material. As gate installation and repair experts, we know different materials have unique benefits. But for the purposes mentioned above, you should consider a metal gate.

Types of Metal Driveway Gates

Metal gates are sturdy, lasting longer than gates made from other materials like wood or vinyl. Apart from their durability against wear and tear over time, metal gates can also withstand more force, such as a vehicle crashing and hitting them.

With that said, you have plenty of options for the type of metal you want your gate to be. Each of these has different benefits, which we will discuss below.

Steel Gates

Steel is the most heavy-duty metal used in creating driveway gates. It can withstand the day-to-day force exerted when opening or closing a gate, as well as the force from sudden impact, like when something crashes into the gate.

Steel gates are also resistant to corrosion, thanks to the galvanizing and priming of the material. This makes steel gates low maintenance. With occasional surface cleaning and lubricating the hinges, your steel gate will protect your home for a long time.

Aluminum Gates

Unlike steel, aluminum is not the most heavy-duty material. Instead, it’s lightweight, which is its main benefit. It’s ideal for larger gates without having to worry about it sagging from its weight or being misaligned.

Though aluminum gates are not as robust as steel gates, they’re far from flimsy either. They can withstand natural wear and tear and are also highly resistant to rust.

Being made from lightweight material, aluminum gates are also easy to install. They also make for great automatic or electric gates because the gate motor won’t have to work as hard to open and close them.

Available in different colors, designs, and styles, aluminum gates provide the beauty and security of steel gates without the cost associated with it.

Wrought Iron Gates

Like steel, wrought iron is a heavy-duty material. Highly durable and malleable at the same time, this type of metal makes for perfectly secure and beautiful driveway gates.

Wrought iron gates are not susceptible to dents and bending, and can withstand shock damage. And with wrought iron being an iron alloy, it’s much more corrosion-resistant than regular iron.

The material’s malleability is its main benefit. You can have a wrought iron gate with an impressive, intricate decorative design since wrought iron can be shaped into all sorts of patterns. With a beautiful wrought iron gate, your home’s value is sure to increase.

Install Metal Gates for Your Driveway

Now that you know the benefits of metal gates and the different materials you can choose from, it’s time to equip your driveway with one.

4 Sure Gates offers metal gate design and installation services for homes in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas. Check out our gate designs today.

4 Basic Automatic Iron Gate Issues and Ways To Repair Them

Repairs on Iron Gates in Dallas Texas

Iron gates are a popular choice for security and privacy but installing one can be a costly endeavor. But with regular use, repairs will inevitably need to be made at some point. That’s why at the first sign of even minor damages to your wrought iron gate, it’s best to act quickly to repair them.

Here are four common issues on iron gates and some ways to repair them.

Iron Gates Rusting

Rusting is how iron reacts with oxygen in the air producing corrosion products, like water, ferric oxides, and hydrated ferric oxides. This type of damage happens when moisture gets inside the gate through cracks or holes in the metal surface, leading to the oxidization of iron molecules.

Fortunately, it’s possible to deal with rust by sanding and repainting the affected area of the iron gate. If the damage has already occurred, then you can fix it by applying a rust-inhibiting primer or a paint specially formulated for use on iron.

Scratches And Other Minor Damages

There really isn’t much of a contest between manual and automatic gates in terms of security. The aforementioned risks with manual gates aren’t present with automatic gates.

You can remotely open the gate, drive through with your car without getting out, then close the gate behind you. It’s incredibly convenient.

Bolt cutters are useless. Burglars will need specialized electrical knowledge to get past.

Many automatic gates also have features that allow you to monitor who enters and exits your premises. It will, in most cases, eliminate the need for other security solutions.


Dents are like permanent gouges and scratches, but unlike scrapes, they don’t go all the way through to bare metal. One of the best ways to repair dents is by applying a filler.

First, you’ll need to sand the damaged area then apply the filler to fill the dent. Once the filler hardens, you need to smoothen it again through sanding. Afterward, you can proceed with repainting the area.

It’s unlikely that the new paint will match the old one, so this is a great opportunity for you to repaint the entire gate with something new.

Loose Hinges And Sagging Iron Gates

These are very common and can cause a lot of damage if not addressed in time. They mostly occur because the bolts holding them together wear out from regular use, so tighten those bolts regularly so your gates will function smoothly.

Aside from loose hinges, sagging can also be caused by the following issues:

  • Leaning Support Post: The gate will eventually drag if the support post starts to lean. The support posts need to be reinstalled when this happens.
  • Presence of soil: The hinges and other gate components may be affected by soil and other debris, causing issues like sagging. Take the time to inspect your gate, have it cleaned, and oiled if necessary.
  • Gate operator issue: Choosing the right operators is crucial to your gate’s performance. If the operator is too big or too small, the gate may start to sag. Be sure to install the right operator or replace the old one with the correct one.

Gate Repair Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Iron gates are a popular choice for security and privacy. They come in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit any home or business. But with regular use, repairs will inevitably need to be made at some point.

Thankfully, you now know the basics involved in repairing some of the most common iron gate issues. Always remember to clean your gates regularly and tighten bolts as needed to prevent these problems from happening in the first place.

If you feel like you’re not up to the task of repairing your iron gate, don’t fret. Consider reaching out to a professional to help restore your gate.

4 Sure Gates is a trusted automatic gate repair and installation company. If you need an iron gate repaired, contact us today. Our team would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and help you with all the repairs.

Metal Gate Repair: How to Remove Rust and Restore Shine

Metal Gate Repair in Southlake TX

According to a joint study by the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington, homes with impressive curb appeal tend to sell an average of 7% more than similar homes with less inviting exteriors.

If you have a home with a well-landscaped front yard, clean and paved driveway, and freshly painted exteriors, your property looks more appealing to buyers compared to one with overgrown grass, peeling paint, and a crumbling driveway.

If your property has a gate, it’s also something that you must pay attention to when planning on improving your home’s curb appeal.

Improving the Appearance of Your Metal Gates

Metal gate repair is often neglected as a part of curb appeal enhancement but it shouldn’t be, especially if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions. Metal gates are prone to rust and corrosion, especially if exposed to sun, rain, and moisture.

No matter how sleek or elaborate the design of your metal gate is, it will not look good with rust. Corrosion can also compromise the integrity of the metal. Below, we share the steps on how you can remove rust from your metal gates and make them stunning again.

Step 1: Rinse with Soapy Water

Wet your gate with soapy water first to remove surface dust, bird droppings, and other dirt clinging to the surface. You can use a sponge and dip it in the soapy water mixture, then give your metal gate a good scrub.

Step 2: Remove Rust Flakes with a Wire Brush

After that initial rinse, it’s time to deal with flaking paint and rust next. A wire brush is the best tool for the job since the steel wire bristles are strong enough to remove the rust clinging to your metal gate.

You can also use a wire brush drill bit, so the process is less strenuous.

Step 3: Use Paint Stripper to Remove Old Paint

Even after the wire brush, your gate might still have paint clinging to it. Apply paint stripper to the metal rails to remove it. Make sure you’re wearing gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals.

Once the old paint softens, you can use your wire brush again to scrape it from the gate’s surface.

Step 4: Sand the Remaining Corrosion

The removal of old paint can reveal further signs of rust and corrosion. This time, you can remove them and other surface imperfections with a piece of sandpaper or a drill bit flap sander. Your gate’s surface should be smooth and free of rust after this.

Step 5: Rinse to Remove Oil & Grit

Clean the gate for a final time using the sponge-and-soapy-water combination you used in the beginning. This will remove the oil and grit clinging to your gate’s surface after all the scrubbing, scraping, and sanding you did.

Finally, rinse the gate with clean water.

Now, your metal gate is ready for repainting. To keep it safe from rust and corrosion, make sure to prime the surface properly and use rust-resistant paint.

Make an Impact with a Stunning Metal Gate

4 Sure Gates is Forth Worth, Texas’ premier gate service provider. From gate design to installation and repair, you can count on us to give your curb appeal a boost with the gate services you need.

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Why Your Commercial Property Needs a Wrought Iron Gate

new wrought iron gate in Dallas, tX

Dallas city leaders continue to prioritize public safety, especially since murder and aggravated assault rates — which were already on a steady decline since 2015 — spiked over the last two years. But there’s only so much that law enforcement presence can do to stabilize violent crimes and property crimes in the city.

Commercial property owners might consider installing a wrought iron gate to increase property safety and security. This isn’t the only advantage of the gates, though. They boost the exterior appeal and, given how highly malleable the material is, they can be designed to fit seamlessly into your exterior design.

There are various advantages of installing wrought iron gates on your commercial property. Check out the four main reasons you should consider investing in them:

Improved Employee Safety

When people think of wrought iron gates, the first thing that comes to mind is a formidable fence surrounding property. You can install this type of gate at your commercial property to improve employee safety. It helps keep intruders and trespassers out of your property.

Another reason to install wrought iron gates outside and within your commercial property is to prevent employees from entering restricted areas that could cause them harm.

Enhanced Property Security

Although employee safety is one of your top priorities, you also have to look after valuable items and equipment in your commercial property. Security systems aside, you can protect these items from theft or vandalism by installing a wrought iron gate to keep unwanted visitors out.

Additionally, your visitors and customers will feel safer in your commercial property if they know that a sturdy gate helps keep unauthorized visitors from entering the premises while they’re there.

Greater Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic appeal is a common reason for installing wrought iron gates. The sturdy material adds a timelessly elegant vibe to any commercial property, thus making it look more attractive to visitors and customers. Given the material’s malleability, it can be shaped to match your property exterior.

Wrought iron gates also add to commercial property value. The material boosts security while making the property look good. If you decide to sell the property, the gates are a selling point.

Lasting Gate Durability

Wrought iron has natural durability that is difficult to cut through and almost impossible to breach. This durability also requires minimal maintenance. You simply have to check for rust and repaint the gates every two to three years, and they will always look good as new.

There’s also the fact that the material stays in good condition despite constant exposure to intense sunlight, heavy rain, and strong winds. It definitely has a strong return on investment.

Install a Wrought Iron Gate Today with 4 Sure Gates!

Clients may feel safer on your commercial property when you install wrought iron gates that protect against intruders.

4 Sure Gates has been providing trusted gate installation services since 2005. Our team services residential and commercial property owners in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Expect high-quality gate products and materials at competitive prices.

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Why You Should Upgrade to a Wrought Iron Gate

If you’re thinking of improving your property’s entrance and front-yard elements, now is the best time to do it. After all, spring brings everyone out of hibernation—especially after Texas’ freezing winter—so you can expect visitors or neighbors to drop by.

One way you can do this is to upgrade your weathered gate to a fancy-looking one, like wrought iron. You can choose various materials to raise your front gate’s aesthetic appeal, but you can never go wrong with wrought iron. Here’s what you need to know about this gate material and why it’s a perfect choice for your gate upgrade.

What Makes Wrought Iron Special?

Wrought iron is a malleable form of iron that’s forged rather than cast. Unlike most iron components, it’s not poured into a mold and left to cool. It’s worked into its form using a hammer while it’s hot. The longer it’s forged, the stronger and tenser it gets.

Wrought iron is purer than cast iron, with only one to two percent slag (the by-product of separating iron from its raw ore). It also has lower carbon content than cast iron. These attributes make wrought iron stronger and more resistant to corrosion than steel and other metal materials. This strength has made it a popular material for many rugged products, including railings, nails, and gates.

Benefits of a Wrought Iron Gate

Easy to Maintain

 It’s no secret that wrought iron is much more expensive to buy and install than steel and cast iron. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost of a wrought iron gate installation is around $2,700. However, that’s the only major expense you will have for a while because the gate is a breeze to maintain. With a common wire brush and water, you can wash off the dirt build-up on your gate, and that’s it.

On the other hand, a steel gate needs to be washed with a mixture of soap and baking soda and fully rinsed before leaving to dry to bring back its shine. 

If your gate is painted and the paint starts to chip, it’s fairly easy to repaint it. If it gets damaged, a skilled wrought iron repair professional can easily fix it without you needing to buy a new gate. It’s ideal for homeowners on a budget and who don’t want to waste money and materials.

Multiple Design Options

Wrought iron is easy to mold and bends into any shape. If you have a custom design in mind, your gate designer can create it. You can let your imagination run wild with shapes and forms that are distinct to your property – even your own initials. Your designer can make them all come true without sacrificing your gate’s structural integrity and durability.

If you don’t want to create your own design, no problem. Every gate contractor has its standard designs. Ask for a catalog and choose the best design for your home and neighborhood. 

The craftsmanship that goes into wrought iron gates is unmatched. It takes a skilled and experienced forger to create beautiful works of art that also serve as deterrents to trespassers. Whether your home has a contemporary or rustic design, this type of gate will look perfect with it.

Improves a Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal has a higher objective than just making your home look beautiful from the road. It also makes your home more attractive to a buyer when the time comes that you’re ready to sell.

A Michigan State University study found that improving curb appeal, specifically the landscape design and other front elements, increases a home’s perceived value by 5% to 11%. With the elegance and classic look of wrought iron, you can make your home stand out like a beautiful piece of art in the property market.

If you’re going to spend money on your gate, you might as well make sure that it’s made from a reliable and beautiful material. A wrought-iron gate will enhance your home design while reinforcing the security of your property.

Get Your Wrought Iron Gate Professionally Installed

4 Sure Gates has been providing gate design, installation, maintenance, and repair services for more than a decade to Dallas and Fort Worth homeowners and business owners. If you need a contractor for your gate improvement project, we’ll be happy to work with you.

Call us today to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate.

Classic to Modern Appeal: Why Wrought Iron Gates Are Worth Repairing

Do you have a broken wrought iron gate that has seen better days? Are you planning to renovate your property and dispose of that gate altogether?

We urge you to stop for a moment and reconsider. Your wrought iron gate may be responsible for your property’s curb appeal. Instead of throwing it away, it may be best to repair your wrought iron gate or install a new one of the same material and design. Here’s why.

Your Wrought Iron Gate Is Classic

Wrought iron is like the grand dame of gate materials. A property with a wrought iron gate has a certain elegance to it that is reminiscent of the olden days’ sprawling estates. 

The material has been used in construction as early as the 15th century. It gained popularity for its structural performance. As an iron alloy with low carbon content, wrought iron is durable but malleable; it’s easy to shape and weld. It’s also highly resistant to corrosion, so it can be exposed to rain, wind, and other elements without deteriorating quickly – a perfect feature for an outdoor fixture like a gate. 

The durability of wrought iron has caught the attention of construction companies and craftspeople. As production techniques evolved and became more intricate, artisans started using wrought iron for gates, fences, and railings. 

  • In the Gothic Era, wrought iron was used to forge gates and fences around cathedrals and churches.
  • In the Georgian Era, the material was used to add decorative details and elements, including intricately designed gates, to upper-class-owned properties. 
  • In the Victorian Era, wrought iron was used heavily in building homes. You can still see wrought iron fences and gates today in old neighborhoods in London.

Your Wrought Iron Gate Is Versatile

Though strong and durable in its final form, wrought iron is easy to work with while being formed or shaped. With the right skills and training, the contractor you’ll hire for your renovation can design and build a gate that complements your property’s architectural style. 

If part of your gate is damaged, your provider can fashion a replacement that fits the original design. Alternatively, they can create a new gate with a modern mechanism, but it still stands out and leaves a strong impression on visitors and passers-by. 

Your Wrought Iron Gate Is Easy to Maintain

Compared with gates of a different material, a wrought iron gate requires low maintenance. You can keep it clean with water and a wire brush. When it looks old, you can put on a fresh coat of paint to make it look new. The biggest expense you’ll need for your gate goes to repairs or enhancements (e.g., a motorized opener). 

Come to 4 Sure Gates for Repairing & Maintaining Your Wrought Iron Gate

A wrought iron gate with an accompanying wrought iron fence brings old-world glamor to you. When used in modern designs, the structure becomes an eye-catching statement piece for your property. Working with professional gate installers and repair contractors will give you the most out of your investment for your property renovation. 

Let 4 Sure Gates help you repair your wrought iron gate or install a new one to improve your property’s entrance and curb appeal. Call (817) 965-7873 to learn more about our products and services.

Why Wrought Iron Fences and Gates Give the Best Security

Technology is now big in residential and commercial security. Homeowners and business owners invest in sophisticated alarm systems to keep unauthorized individuals from entering their homes and establishments. If the goal is to keep vandals and robbers out, however, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep them entirely off your property instead of relying on an alarm system to kick in after their first break-in attempt?

If security is what you want, 4 Sure Gates recommends wrought iron gates and fences.

1. Ornamental Iron Gates & Fences Leave No Room for Hiding

Ornamental wrought iron gates and fences have slim bars all-throughout, with curved or spiked tops and a few aesthetic touches like arches, coils, and prefabricated pieces welded into place (e.g., leaves, floral detailing along the top). So yes, your house will be visible from the street; but, you’ll also have an unhindered view of the street from inside your house. You’ll know instantly if anyone is suspiciously loitering outside your driveway.

It’s the same thing with a wrought iron fence. Unless you grow tall shrubs right next to it, there’s no place for thieves to hide.

2. A Fence with Nothing Between the Wrought Iron Bars is Difficult to Climb

The standard design for wrought iron fences consists of horizontal bars in only two areas: near the very bottom and along the top. They are typically very high, too, with the top bars out of reach for the average person. More importantly, the vertical bars have no frills in the middle area. It means there are no footholds that will make it easy for anyone to try and climb over your fence.

3. Wrought Iron Is Incredibly Strong & Unyielding

If you plan to have a gate and fence, it’s best to invest in one that won’t easily yield to vandalism and trespassing. Wrought iron is one of the toughest materials for fences and gates today. It is made of iron alloy and is malleable (hence, easy to form according to a given design and size specifications).

Wrought iron is also more resistant to shock and vibration compared to steel. It can withstand external impact and hold its ground from, say, a drunk driver crashing into your property. It will do a better job of protecting your property from such accidents than wood or aluminum fences ever could.

4. Wrought Iron Is Heavy-Duty

Wrought iron is corrosion-resistant and can withstand heavy usage. It can last years with minimal maintenance despite being exposed to extreme weather. It’s also a heavy material, which is advantageous for fences (they won’t easily fall over or give in to external force). As for the rate of deterioration, it comes slow, unlike steel or aluminum.

With the latter two, the defects tend to appear and escalate immediately, so you’ll have to quickly pay for repairs. Wrought iron, on the other hand, buys you time. The material doesn’t break as easily, so if you spot the defect early on, you’ll have ample time to prepare for its repair or replacement.

High-tech security systems are very helpful, but you can’t depend on them alone. A visible and strong barrier like a wrought iron gate and fence could enough of a deterrent against criminals, and that alone is worth every expense.

If you’re interested in installing a wrought iron gate on your property, call 4 Sure Gates at (817) 965-7873. We can tell you more about your options and give you a quote. Contact us today!