Types of Finishes for Custom Iron Gates

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Owning a gated property is more than just a visual enhancement of your living spot – it’s a security measure that needs upkeep to be at its best.

When it comes to gate materials, iron is the number one material used in the manufacturing process for gates. Wrought iron, however, is the preferred choice of many homeowners. Due to its visual appeal, wrought is part of many gate designs, from upscale mansions to suburban homes.

In this article, we discuss the different types of finishes suitable for iron gates and where to find the best gate repair and installation services.

How Many Finishes Are There for Iron Gates?

There are three types of finishes used on wrought and cast iron gates. Homeowners can either choose a finish on their own or consult with their manufacturer and choose from their selection.

Powder Coating Finish

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that uses electricity to adhere to the surface. After applying, the powder is cured in an oven to get a smooth finish. Curing the powder coating hardens its finish and makes it resistant to environmental changes, as opposed to traditional paint.

Choosing a powder coating finish for your gate might be the best choice if you want it to last a long time. Powder coating is also waterproof, so you won’t get any blistering due to rain or heat.

With proper maintenance, a powder coating finish can stay in perfect shape and last up to 20 years.


Traditional paint is still the most common type of finish for iron gates. Due to its easy application and wide selection of colors, choosing to paint your custom iron gate might be the right choice for you.

You can use paint with different finishes like glossy, semi-glossy, and matte.

If you choose painting over powder coating, for example, make sure you use high-quality paint to help its finish last 10 years.


Patina is a gate finish that creates a unique look over time. Weather conditions and age continue to change the look of a patina finish, and it’s applied to surfaces like metal, wood, or leather.

Homeowners use a patina finish to give their gates a worn-out, rustic feel that trended in recent years.

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