Why Wrought Iron Fences and Gates Give the Best Security

Technology is now big in residential and commercial security. Homeowners and business owners invest in sophisticated alarm systems to keep unauthorized individuals from entering their homes and establishments. If the goal is to keep vandals and robbers out, however, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep them entirely off your property instead of relying on an alarm system to kick in after their first break-in attempt?

If security is what you want, 4 Sure Gates recommends wrought iron gates and fences.

1. Ornamental Iron Gates & Fences Leave No Room for Hiding

Ornamental wrought iron gates and fences have slim bars all-throughout, with curved or spiked tops and a few aesthetic touches like arches, coils, and prefabricated pieces welded into place (e.g., leaves, floral detailing along the top). So yes, your house will be visible from the street; but, you’ll also have an unhindered view of the street from inside your house. You’ll know instantly if anyone is suspiciously loitering outside your driveway.

It’s the same thing with a wrought iron fence. Unless you grow tall shrubs right next to it, there’s no place for thieves to hide.

2. A Fence with Nothing Between the Wrought Iron Bars is Difficult to Climb

The standard design for wrought iron fences consists of horizontal bars in only two areas: near the very bottom and along the top. They are typically very high, too, with the top bars out of reach for the average person. More importantly, the vertical bars have no frills in the middle area. It means there are no footholds that will make it easy for anyone to try and climb over your fence.

3. Wrought Iron Is Incredibly Strong & Unyielding

If you plan to have a gate and fence, it’s best to invest in one that won’t easily yield to vandalism and trespassing. Wrought iron is one of the toughest materials for fences and gates today. It is made of iron alloy and is malleable (hence, easy to form according to a given design and size specifications).

Wrought iron is also more resistant to shock and vibration compared to steel. It can withstand external impact and hold its ground from, say, a drunk driver crashing into your property. It will do a better job of protecting your property from such accidents than wood or aluminum fences ever could.

4. Wrought Iron Is Heavy-Duty

Wrought iron is corrosion-resistant and can withstand heavy usage. It can last years with minimal maintenance despite being exposed to extreme weather. It’s also a heavy material, which is advantageous for fences (they won’t easily fall over or give in to external force). As for the rate of deterioration, it comes slow, unlike steel or aluminum.

With the latter two, the defects tend to appear and escalate immediately, so you’ll have to quickly pay for repairs. Wrought iron, on the other hand, buys you time. The material doesn’t break as easily, so if you spot the defect early on, you’ll have ample time to prepare for its repair or replacement.

High-tech security systems are very helpful, but you can’t depend on them alone. A visible and strong barrier like a wrought iron gate and fence could enough of a deterrent against criminals, and that alone is worth every expense.

If you’re interested in installing a wrought iron gate on your property, call 4 Sure Gates at (817) 965-7873. We can tell you more about your options and give you a quote. Contact us today!