How to Measure for a Driveway Gate

New professional Driveway Gate in Dallas Texas

If you haven’t thought about installing a driveway gate, you should consider doing so for security benefits and numerous other reasons. Having a driveway gate is one of the top 10 best ways to deter thieves and burglaries. While it won’t completely deter all thieves, having a good driveway gate is an excellent step towards securing your property.

4 Sure Gates has years of experience creating and installing driveway gates for many clients across Texas. One of the first things that any homeowner should do if they’re getting a driveway gate installed is to make the proper measurements. A driveway gate is an excellent method of improving security, but only if it’s correctly fitted to the driveway or the necessary gap in the fence.

Here are the key steps to measuring your driveway for gate installation.

Look At Your Driveway Size

Some of the most common gate sizes in the US are 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet. Your driveway itself should measure roughly between 9-24 feet. Often, many properties are at the lower end of this scale, with just enough room to accommodate a vehicle coming through. Measure the length of your driveway with a long tape measure to find out what size your property has.

Considering this measurement, the gate you choose should be slightly wider than the entrance itself. For example, a driveway that measures roughly nine feet across will need a ten-foot gate. If the gate is closer to ten feet, opt for the 12-foot gate.

Consider The Vehicle You Drive

The gate’s size also depends on the vehicles passing through. Do you drive an SUV, truck, or car? A smaller gate won’t be an issue if you drive a car. But larger vehicles and recreational vehicles like RVs need more space to turn, thus needing a wider gate. They may be unable to pull in properly if the gate is too small.

However, having too wide a gate will not suit some homes and properties. This is because the larger the gate, the more costly it is. Furthermore, as the gate size goes up, so do maintenance costs. You have to keep it rust-free, well-oiled, and in the case of mechanical gates, the motor needs to be kept dry and in good condition.

Double vs Single Driveway Gate

While the gate’s width is usually straightforward, deciding whether you’d prefer a double or single gate can be a bit more difficult. First, consider which direction you want your gate to swing. Remember that your vehicle must have enough room to pass, but there must also be ample room for the gate to swing in the direction of choice. With a double gate, both sides of the driveway must have the space for the swing.

Let’s say you have a driveway that fits a 12-foot gate. You could select a gate with a single outward swing, which means you need enough space for a 90-degree arc at the very least. You don’t want the gate to go too far out into the road, as it might obstruct pedestrians and other cars. Make sure you measure enough space that the gate does not swing out into the road.

Consult With Professionals On Your Driveway Gate

If you’re still unsure about your gate’s correct size and position, you should always contact professionals. Their expertise will help you properly assess and measure the right size of driveway gate for you.

4 Sure Gates has years of experience measuring and installing driveway gates of all sizes and types. Our technicians can provide you with accurate assessments and even a detailed installation plan to take on all the effort of putting your driveway gate together.

Contact us today to get a consultation and just relax as your gate gets installed.