How to Choose a Suitable Gate Design for Your Property

Suitable Gate Design for Your Property

Property gates typically influence property value. Gates are among the highest ROI-earning property features, with a quality gate boosting a home’s value by as much as $50,000.

Property gates don’t just increase the overall curb appeal—they provide a sense of protection for the property. They also enhance the home’s elegance and appearance of sophistication.

The increase in demand for real estate and the search for ways to increase home value has led to many clients asking 4 Sure Gates about gate design.

Beautifully designed gates are visually appealing and deliver ROI when the time comes for homeowners to sell their properties. However, choosing the design wisely is important; otherwise, you risk putting off potential buyers. When choosing a design for your gate, consider the following:

Your Home’s Style

Common home styles include contemporary, modern, colonial, Tudor, Victorian, and Cape Cod. Identify your property’s architectural style and keep it firmly in mind as you choose your gate design. To fully enhance your home’s curb appeal and underscore its style, you need a gate that matches it as much as possible.

Or if you have plans to remodel your home to change its style, you have to choose a gate that will match or complement it. Your gate should not look out of place: for instance, an ornate, cast iron gate would look odd with a modern, minimalist exterior. On the other hand, a sleek motorized gate would complement a contemporary home while also adding functionality.

Gate Space or Property Location

Regardless of how much you may want a grand, estate-type gate, you may not have the room for it. It’s crucial to accurately measure your gate to fit your space perfectly. The measurement of your driveway and the gate itself can differ significantly, and you have to leave room for the gate to swing or roll open as needed.

Gate Functionality & Accessibility

Some gates may appear aesthetically beautiful and match your home style well, but they may not be built for the purpose you’re looking for. If you’re primarily seeking a gate for security purposes, a wooden, rustic gate may not provide the best option.

If you want a gate that’s easy to open and close, you might consider getting a motorized sliding gate rather than a wrought iron one that has to swing open and may be too heavy for convenience.

Gate Types

Standard gates first come into mind when you think of residential gates. Often made of wood, iron, or steel, they can swing internally, externally, or slide open. They all have their benefits, depending on the amount of space you have and whether or not your property opens up into the street.

Electric gates are motorized gate options that can open automatically for you. This is incredibly convenient for people who often come in and out of their property in large vehicles. It eliminates the need to exit and enter the car just to open the gate. However, they can be costlier than standard gates.

HOA Guidelines On Your Gate Design

Homeowners associations typically have notoriously strict rules and regulations about gates’ appearance, size, and height. This is often because the aesthetic appearance of one home can affect the property values of the rest of the neighborhood.

Before designing your gate, look through your HOA’s guidelines and restrictions and ensure that the gate you’re about to install adheres to them.

Consult with Automatic Gate Design Experts to Find the Perfect Fit!

If you’re unsure of the best type of gate for your home, or where to begin designing the perfect gate for your property, it’s always best to consult the experts. We have plenty of experience in designing and measuring gates. Furthermore, we are aware of all the different options that you may not have previously considered.

4 Sure Gates has helped property owners across Texas design the perfect gate for their homes. With our full range of gate types and materials, you can select a custom gate option that matches your home’s aesthetics while giving you convenient features for utility purposes.

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