Automatic Gates: How to Find the Best Repair Service in DFW

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Driveway gates are exposed to the rain, sun, and other harsh elements, making them susceptible to damage and wear. Whether you have manual or automatic gates, you’ll inevitably need some kind of repair or maintenance service to keep them in tip-top shape.

Compared to manual gates, automatic systems require more sophisticated servicing. You need an experienced, reputable service company that can fix various gate problems, including electronic or technical failures, damage caused by vehicle accidents, weather damage, and normal wear and tear.

Here’s your guide to finding the best automatic gate repair service in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.  

Ask For Recommendations

Searching on Google isn’t the most reliable method of looking for a service provider. A lot of businesses invest in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. This brings up their names higher on search engine results pages even though their service quality isn’t that high. 

The first thing you can do is ask your friends, family, and peers if they’ve had their automatic gates repaired before. They can suggest a company that gave a commendable repair service. 

Even if your peers had a negative experience with one company, at least you know which one to avoid.

You can also ask your other home contractor contacts. Builders, plumbers, electricians, and other home construction services often work together on projects, so they might be able to connect you with an automatic gate repair firm.

Check Local Business Directories Online

If your family and friends weren’t able to suggest any service provider, the next step is to look online. But don’t just choose the top result on Google. Check online directories like Yelp and Houzz for recommendations. 

The great thing about these directories is you can localize your search. Random people share their experience with the company and explain the good and bad side of the service they received. You can also see the overall rating of each service provider based on all the users who gave their reviews. 

You can visit the electric gate repair company’s profile and read about their history, experience, and services. This makes it easier for you to research different service providers, eliminating the need to visit their individual websites.

Compare Prices And Services

Finally, shop around for the best deals. List the promising service providers you find and inquire about their services and prices. Ask if they’ve done similar projects to the problem you have to ensure that they can handle the job.

Find out if they offer anything for free, such as initial assessments and complimentary repairs after the original project. Compare the terms to determine which company offers the best deal. 

Make sure to consider customer testimonials and reviews when choosing an automatic gate repair company.

Automatic gates require complicated servicing, especially for more advanced models. They need to be calibrated properly to ensure that they function as they should. Choose only reputable, dependable service providers to prolong the lifespan of your electric gates. 

Your Trusted Automatic Gate Repair Company in Dallas-Fort Worth

With 15 years of professional experience, 4 Sure Gates provides reliable gate repair and installation services. We work on automatic and manual gate models, making sure that they offer an extensive layer of security to your home or commercial property. 

Get a quote today and contact us at (817) 965-7873.

4 Reasons Your Commercial Property Needs An Automatic Gate

Commercial metal automatics gates in fort worth, TX

With a steady flow of people going in and out of your commercial property, unauthorized individuals can easily sneak in with the crowd. Businesses need to double their security measures to prevent break-ins and burglaries, safeguard merchandise and cash, and protect staff and employees.

Installing an automatic gate for your commercial property can strengthen your security. Many businesses have invested in electronic gates for their many benefits. With various designs available, an automatic gate will complement the style of your building, increase your property value, and make your exteriors more appealing to visitors and customers.

See our top four ways that your business could benefit from an automatic gate.

1. Heightened Security

Controlling the people who go in and out of your property is critical to maintaining your security. An electric automatic gate is an excellent deterrent to potential threats. Many systems operate with keypad access control. Only people who know the password or security code will be able to enter the property.

Some automatic gate systems are operated using a key card, which can be deactivated in case of loss or theft.

You can have your automatic gates installed with a camera and an intercom to heighten your security even more. These features give you greater control over the people who come in and out of your property. Plus, you’ll be able to identify burglars and trespassers by their voices or face.

2. Convenient Operation

Another benefit of automated gates is their easy and convenient operation. The gates can be operated remotely, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of leaving your office to open or close them. Plus, it can be risky to operate the gates manually during severe weather conditions or late at night.

Automatic gates also make it easier to leave when you’re in a hurry. You won’t have to get out of your car to open the gate or close it behind you. You simply need to push a button or scan in and out.

3. Higher Property Value

Suppose you ever decide to relocate your operations. In that case, an automatic gate will make your commercial building more appealing to potential buyers. The higher property value will give you a higher ROI on your electric gate installment. Many people are willing to pay more for properties with existing security features because they won’t have to cover the installment cost themselves.

4. Increased Customer Trust

Electric automatic gates increase your security and curb appeal, making you look more professional and dedicated to your role as a service provider. This makes you seem reliable, which helps build customer trust.

Trust is vital in relationship building. Once customers trust your brand, they’ll be more likely to buy from you again or recommend you to others, which increases your bottom line.

Invest only in high-quality automatic gates from reputable service providers to ensure maximum efficiency and durability.

Professional Gate Repair and Installation in Texas

With 15 years of professional automatic gate repair and installation experience, 4 Sure Gates puts our team of licensed gate contractors and installers at your service in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and surrounding areas. We’ll provide you with the best automatic gate system that meets the security needs of your business.

Get a quote today and contact us at (817) 965-7873.

4 Sure Gate Services [Repair, Installation, Openers, & More]

Metal gate repair in fort worth, TX

4 Sure Gates isn’t just your gate repair company, we also offer gate openers, installation, and other driveway gate services! Learn more about what we offer below!

Our Gate Repair & Gate Installation History

Since 2005, we have been supporting our city’s gate contractors in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. This means we know and adore this community as much as you do! And because we understand the neighborhoods our customers live in and work in – we are happy to provide the extra layer of security the right automatic gate control system provides.

So whether you are installing or repairing your gate – we offer services to both residential and commercial property owners, including gated communities, apartment complexes, small companies, large businesses, and more!

Gate Repair from 4 Sure Gates

It’s comforting to know someone is there for you, and with 4 Sure Gates, you can rest easy knowing we’re always just one phone call away! We strive to be right where you are, which is why we are happy to travel to you to make your gate repair experience easy and seamless.

Our trained, experienced gate repair technicians will arrive right to your door (or gate) ready to diagnose and repair any gate issues for both commercial gates and residential gates.

We have over 20 years of combined experience in gate repair. We work with Liftmaster, All-O-Matic, Elite, US Automatic, Apollo, and Viking Access Systems – all of the most trusted, quality brands for your gate repair.

Your Local Gate Repair Benefits

With almost 15 years of professional experience, our team of licensed gate contractors and installers’ dedication has only grown. Learning about us at 4 Sure Gates right near you will assure you that your gate, gate openers, and gate opener accessories are in the right hands.

Just as we brought our gate repair company to fruition after years of daily dedicated hard work, we will also bring your vision of your automatic gate system to reality. Whether you know precisely what you want for your gate to accomplish and how it should look – making it both a beautiful addition to your property as well as carrying out a clear and concise function, to the point that you want your gate custom built and professionally installed. Or you have one picked out that you want to be installed from scratch, we can get to work for you! Even if you already have your gate installed and need a gate repair company near you. We are your top choice!

Sliding Gate Repair & Other Services:

We know your area and our products, which is why we are able to repair all of your sliding gate issues with service and a history you can trust. We repair all types of residential and commercial gates, and we are available around the clock, ready to come to where you are and serve you.

Here are a few of our gate repair services we commonly work with:

Automatic Gate Repair

Electric Gate Repair

Manual Gate Repair

Lifting Gate Repair

Swinging Gate Repair

Sliding Gate Repair

Commercial Gate Repair

Residential Gate Repair

Metal Gate Repair

Steel Gate Repair

Wrought Iron Gate Repair


Gate Installation from 4 Sure Gates

Your custom driveway gate or property gate is carefully fabricated and professionally installed by 4 Sure Gates to meet your exact needs and specifications. 24/7 gate maintenance is available to you as well, so you never have to worry about security or access problems. Our gate installation services are always here for you, because 4 Sure Gates is always here for you!

Here are some of the common gate installation projects we work with:

Automatic Gate Installation

Commercial Gate Installation

Residential Gate Installation

Security Gate Installation

Driveway Gate Installation

Garden Gate Installation

Metal Gates Installation

Vinyl Gate Installation

Steel Gate Installation

Iron Gate Installation

Swing Gate Installation

Rolling Gate Installation

Sliding Gate Installation

Lifting Gate Installation

Gate Openers, Installation, Repair & More from 4 Sure Gates!

We carry a full line of residential and commercial gate operators for every application – manual, electric, automatic, and more! Plus, 4 Sure Gates can service any brand of gate operator and we sell, repair, and install controlled access devices such as Telephone entry systems, intercom systems, card readers, remote transmitters.

Whatever your space needs, we can deliver! Contact 4 Sure Gates today at (817) 965-7873!

Our Automatic Gate Brands – Apollo, LiftMaster, Viking, Elite, & Eagle

4 Sure Gates only works with top of the line, trusted brands for our gate services, such as Apollo, LiftMaster, Vikings, Elite, and Eagle. We choose to work with quality brands because we want to bring you quality automatic gate services.

Learn more about each of the brands we specialize in working with below, or reach out to us to schedule your automatic gate repair, gate installation, or gate service today!

Viking Access Gates

Automatic Gate Brands, Viking Access Systems

Viking Access is always striving to distinguish their products and cater to the needs of their customers, and that is why 4 Sure Gates loves working with their quality products. From gate repair to full new installation, Viking Access is a solid name in the automatic gating industry and we recommend them highly for many of our clients.

Their products often include full UL325 and UL991 compliance, soft-start and soft-stop, intelligent obstruction sensors, continuous operation (100% duty cycling), and extreme power efficiency. Their gate operators also offer creative highlights, like versatile and self-learning calculations, repetition plans in equipment and programming to guarantee operational usefulness, short out and control floods, and restrictive helical adapting offering one of the highest proficiency ratings in the industry!

4 Sure Gates main Viking Access products:

  • Swing gate operators
  • Slide gate operators
  • Underground operators
  • Solar gate operators
  • Discontinued operators

Nice Apollo Gate Openers

Nice Apollo Gate Openers logo

Nice Apollo Gate Openers has been providing quality gate openers since 1984. Apollo Gate Operators have earned trust with their high security and dependability, as well as for working with top of the line professionals that proceed to advance and grow new propelled product offerings while continuing to enhance their builds and new products.

4 Sure Gates is a proud repair and installation company for Nice Apollo Gate Openers and will happily work with you and Apollo to create, install, or maintain your security automatic gate system.

4 Sure Gates main Apollo Gate products:

  • Swing gate operators
  • Slide gate operators
  • Barrier arm operators


LiftMaster Professional Gates logo

LiftMaster and its associated groups, Chamberlain, Merlin, and Grifco, are known names for garage door openers, commercial door operators, and gate entry systems. They are associated with quality, trust, and security, which is why 4 Sure Gates trusts them and their extensive experience to deliver great products that we install, repair, and maintain for our clients.

4 Sure Gates main LiftMaster products:

  • Garage door openers
  • Gate Openers
  • Access control systems
  • Shop accessories
  • Commercial door operators


Elite Gates Gate openers logo

Elite Gates is the main supplier of slide gate operators, swing gate operators, telephone entry systems, remote controls, gate accessories, and parts for high-end customers and businesses. 4 Sure Gates therefore often recommends this trusted automatic gate brand to our customers.

4 Sure Gates main Elite Gates products:

  • Slide gate operators
  • Swing gate operators
  • Telephone entry systems
  • Remote controls
  • Gate accessories and parts


Eagle Access Control Systems logo

Eagle Access Control Systems is yet another trusted and innovative source for gate operators. Eagle started as a small company but quickly became one of the main established businesses of gate operators and access control products and extras.

Eagle Gate Operators are located fully in the US in Southern California, and their items are accessible through an across-the-country system of wholesalers, merchants, and expert installers and repairers – such as 4 Sure Gates. They guarantee quality and work with quality contractors for installation, repairs, and maintenance.

4 Sure Gates is Here for Your Automatic Gate Needs & Works with Top, Trusted Gate Brands

If you need automatic gate repair on any of the above brands, then let 4 Sure Gates help. Just call and share what type of gate repair services you need, and our expert team will reach your door to repair, maintain, or even install any of the above, quality brands.


Contact us today at (817) 965-7873!