What Are the Security Enhancements in Slide Gates?

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Homeowners and commercial property managers know exactly how important their estate’s security is, which is why they almost always choose slide gates, otherwise known as cantilever gates. Slide gates are particularly popular for securing residential, commercial, and industrial properties because they offer more security enhancements than traditional swing gates.

There are several types of sliding gates, and the option you choose will depend on factors like the square footage of your space, preferred operation mode, and desired aesthetic. If you thought you knew all there is to know about slide gates, prepare to be surprised! There are new and innovative security measures available, such as motion sensors and anti-climbing features, to name a couple.

Let’s review some noteworthy security boosts that come with sliding gates.

Anti-Climbing Features

Today, the gate-manufacturing industry goes the extra mile to incorporate efficient security measures into sliding gates. These efforts aim to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to gated properties.

  • Specific, smooth-surface design: Modern slide gates are designed to ensure potential trespassers have difficulty climbing over the gate since there are no footholds or bars to leverage. Some designs even incorporate spikes or sharp details to deter wrongdoings.
  • Special height considerations: Compared to traditional fences, slide gates are significantly taller, making it harder for intruders to climb over to the property.
  • Top-tier barriers: Anti-climbing features include topical deterrents such as razor wire, barbed wire, or electric fencing to discourage unauthorized entry attempts.

Intricate Motion Sensors

One of the major perks of sliding gates is the integration of motion sensors. These little devices play a vital role in detecting unauthorized access attempts. Motion sensors can be applied in many ways, such as:

  • Perimeter sensors: As you assume, these sensors are strategically aligned along the perimeter and near the gate to pick up any movement before the intruder can even approach the gate.
  • Gate-mounted sensors: These motion sensors are precisely placed on the structure of the gate and trigger a warning alarm in the case of an attempted unauthorized entry.

Security Cameras

Combining the initial security of the slide gate itself with a security camera adds a layer of extra protection to a property, be it a residential home, a commercial property, or an industrial location. By doing so, you are boosting your surveillance and monitoring entrances in real time.

  • Strategic placement: When it comes to security cameras and slide gates, placement is everything. Gate cameras should be strategically positioned to capture clear images and eliminate blind spots.
  • High-resolution capability: Opt for high-resolution cameras that capture intricate details of the outdoor setting, so they can come in handy if there’s a need for facial recognition.
  • Night vision capability: Choose security cameras with infrared or other additional lighting features for good visibility during night or low-visibility conditions.

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