5 Signs You Are Working With a Good Gate Contractor

For each successful project, you hear horror stories, such as contractors taking off with $4000 worth of deposit or getting charged for not finishing the work they agreed to.

It’s not always easy to find a good contractor. Unless you’ve been provided reliable references, you will not be able to confirm a contractor’s reliability until your project is already underway. 

If you have doubts about the company you hired for a gate installation or automatic gate repair, these five signs will help determine if you choose the right one. 

1. Willing to Provide Important Information & Help

A trustworthy contractor has nothing to hide. The people you hired for your project provided you with the necessary documentation and references right from the start. These include: 

  • Licenses to work
  • Proof of insurance
  • Necessary permits
  • List of references

If the gate contractor did not present any of this information before starting work, they should, at least, be willing to provide them upon your request. Documents like licenses minimize the risk of getting ripped off, while proof of insurance frees you from any liabilities like accidents.

2. Offers Written Estimates

Your gate contractor must provide a detailed, written estimate that describes the scope of the project they will undertake. A solid estimate should show the following:

  • Overall price
  • A price breakdown (labor and supplies)
  • Detailing when the work will be done
  • Terms and conditions
  • How long the estimate is valid 
  • Payment terms

A precise written estimate will help the project run smoothly and minimize the chances of unexpected costs. Most importantly, it provides tangible proof, unlike oral estimates. Once it’s printed on paper, it cannot be mistaken or denied. 

3. Signs & Honors Contracts

Every detail of the project must be put into writing. Both parties should agree on the terms, price, and general timeline of the project. A good gate contractor will sign and honor this contract.

If some aspects of the contract, such as materials, are unavailable for any reason, they will contact you first before finding a suitable replacement. They will make sure you approve of the alternative materials.

Anyone who refuses to work with a contract or actively convinces you to forgo documentation must be treated suspiciously.

4. Shows Expertise & Workmanship

When it comes to hiring contractors, of course, you must hire someone specializing in the type of project you have. However, there are instances when people pretend to be contractors to scam clients. 

The contractor you hired to install a new gate must explain in detail the process, the preparation, and the goal. They should also offer expert advice for any concerns you have. It will tell you if the person truly knows gates or is just pretending to know. 

5. Offers Clear & Timely Communication

Clear communication between contractor and client is essential, regardless of the type of project. Your gate contractor should provide timely reports on the progress of the project. 

They should also answer any questions you may have, primarily when an unexpected issue arises. If they provide regular updates and encourage you to check on the gate they are working on, that is a good sign.

Finding the Right Gate Contractor Can Be a Lengthy Process That Requires Trust

Hiring the wrong company can result in wasted time and money. If your contractor exhibits the excellent attitude, helpfulness, and behavior described above, your project is in good hands!

At 4 Sure Gates, you’ll find a team of licensed gate contractors and installers ready to work with you. We’ve been supporting our community for over 15 years. 

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Why You Should Get Your Electrical Gates Professionally Installed

No amount of home security is too much. One of the best ways to keep your property safe is to upgrade your manual gate into an electrical gate. And to ensure this critical feature on your property does what it needs to do, it has to be installed by a professional.

Here’s why you should hire a professional when installing your electric gate.

Tailored for Your Preferences

Electric gates, when installed correctly can improve your home’s curb appeal. This refers to how attractive your property looks when viewed from the street or the sidewalk. An expert installer will work with you to customize your gate’s looks according to your home’s aesthetic. 

You should also consider the way that you want your gate to open. Professional installers will give you a wide variety of options to choose from, whether you want a traditional dual opening gate or a more modern sliding gate. They can also add innovative features according to your preferences and budget. 

Your gate could have an intercom system, so you could just buzz guests into your property. A card reader can also be installed, excluding the need to use keys. 

Guaranteed Durability

Your electric gate may end up with issues, like broken gears and premature deterioration if not installed properly. 

Work with contractors that have certifications and insurance for the job. Ask about the different materials they’ll use for your gate, too. Ensure that they use aluminum so that it’s resistant to rust when it gets in contact with moisture. If you want solid steel, ensure that you’re getting them powder-coated so they’re resistant to corrosion. 

Peace of Mind

An electric gate installation costs time and money. If something goes wrong during or after your installation, you may hold the company accountable for it. This is why it’s important for your contractors to have insurance and to provide warranties. These documents guarantee you that your installers will provide quality workmanship, with the result being a gate that operates flawlessly throughout the years. And if they don’t, you’ll get a discounted, or even free, repair service. Peace of mind is always worth the extra cost that warranties and insurance may bring. 

The United States is never short of crime. The most popular ones, according to statistics gathered by Pew Research Center, are property crimes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that there were 2,109.9 property crimes for every 100,000 people. A security gate may help you boost security for your home.

With a properly installed electric gate, you get:

  • Rock-solid security — Electric gates make it difficult for any unauthorized person to enter your premises. They don’t have exposed locks and some of them come with alarms, in case anyone tries to break through them. Because of these security features, the mere presence of an electric gate is a deterrent for shady people who might want to gain access to your property.
  • Safety for Your Kids and Pets — Apart from keeping people out, electric gates are also great for keeping people inside your premises. Your kids and pets may want to play or walk around your property. A gate makes sure that they don’t wander too far away and onto possible traffic. 
  • Intelligently Convenient — What’s great about electric gates is that you don’t even have to leave the car to open and close them. You can hook the latest models up to a remote or your smart device. This way, you don’t have to worry about possibly forgetting to lock the gate.
Installing an electric gate is one of the best ways to upgrade your home’s security. Apart from providing safety, it also offers improved curb appeal and convenient operation.  Secure a gate that lets you rest easy, and work with a certified electric gate installer.  

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How an Electric Gate Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Homeownership has become increasingly difficult in the last decade. This explains why people who own the homes they occupy indulge in making their house a true reflection of their tastes. It’s also important, however, to consider your house’s market value and potential to sell. 

From a real estate investor’s perspective, home improvements should not only meet your current needs and preferences but also increase your house’s appeal and value. Electric gates can do both!

Below are four benefits of electric gates that have a positive impact on your property value!

1. Electric Gates Provide Heightened Security for Your Property

Electric gates, whether made from purely wrought iron or wood with aluminum or iron panels, provide better security than picket fences and manual gates. Sliding electric gates, in particular, offer more security. These gates are heavy by design because they need to stay firmly inside the tracks and supporting carriers. It won’t be easy for anyone to try and deliberately knock them off and force the gate open. The magnetic gate openers can also be linked to a sophisticated security system that activates secondary security features, such as an automatic alert to the nearest police station, flashing lights, and siren sounds.

These security benefits may increase the value of a home — possibly up to $50,000, according to Home Advisor. The website also attributes this increase to the boost in curb appeal. 

2. Electric Gates Enhance Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Electric gates can give any property instant aesthetic improvement. Even the simplest designs, like a solid gate or iron bars with mesh wire, can intimidate and impress (which is arguably the goal of federal institutions, warehouses, industrial complexes that use electric, automatic gates). Since these gates are also customizable, property owners can create designs that will complement the architecture of the house or building.

Curb appeal may be difficult to quantify, but real estate agents agree that it has an impact on a house’s value. The findings of a recent study published in The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics showed that a property’s curb appeal (as well as the neighbors) can make up 7% of its sale price

3. Electric Gates Give You Peace of Mind

Aesthetic factors are important to property buyers. Practical considerations like location and the quality of the layout, materials, and construction are essential, of course. But for people who are looking for a new home for their families, they also consider what a house makes them feel. Electric security gates will make them feel safe and at peace, at the very least. 

4. Electric Gates May Mean Lower Insurance Premiums

Electric gates with heightened security features can reduce home insurance premiums. Though this benefit may not necessarily increase the market price of a house, it’s an advantage that raises a house’s attractiveness to potential buyers. Not only can you get a higher price for the security features and standout aesthetics of an electric gate, but it will also help you sell your property faster.

Electric gates are just as much an investment as room renovations. The installation takes up a fraction of the time necessary for interior redesigns and remodels.

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How to Select the Best Sliding Gate for Your Property

A gate is a good solution, whether you’re looking to increase privacy or improve security in your home. It adds a beautiful and functional finishing touch to the fence surrounding your property. No matter what your reason is behind building a gate, some factors are worth considering before you decide. By learning more about these, you can choose a gate that is worth every penny.

Different Types of Sliding Gates

There are two distinct designs for gates, namely swing and sliding. But the latter is more common as it takes up less space. Under this design, you will find three different types of gate: track, cantilever, and telescopic. Discover the differences among them to decide on what’s best for your property.

Track Sliding Gate

As the name suggests, this gate uses a rail track and wheels or rollers to move. The track is installed in the ground to prevent it from being a tripping hazard. Commonly found in residential and commercial properties, this sliding gate is ideal if you want to make the most of your driveway space.

Cantilever Sliding Gate

This gate is ideal for properties that can’t accommodate rail tracks. It uses post-mounted rollers attached to the accompanying fencing system. Cantilever sliding gates are often used in areas that experience heavy rains or snowfall because they don’t have the cavity created by a rail track.

Telescopic Sliding Gate

Otherwise known as a stacker gate, this design uses multiple components that move at variable speeds. As it opens, the different components get stacked along one side of your fencing system. This design is a popular choice for properties that have spatial constraints.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Gate

Once you’ve determined what type of sliding gate you want to be installed on your property, it’s time to look at structural factors.


Although a sliding gate is spatially efficient, you still need to measure the installation space. This will determine how long and high the gate will be. Additionally, it gives you information on how to divide the gate—some homeowners choose a bi-parting cut when the opening is too wide.


Consider your budget and your home’s aesthetic when selecting the material for your gate. Much like your fencing system, your gate can be made with timber, steel, and other materials. These are the commonly used materials for sliding gates:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought iron


Although sliding gates provide convenience through its design, there are ways to improve its performance. Installing an electric motor, for example, makes it easier to open and close. You can also access it as you drive up to it, reducing your waiting time.

Work with Sliding Gate Specialists

Unlike other home improvement projects, installing a sliding gate requires professional help. 4 Sure Gates is a leading gate company based in Dallas, Texas. We have worked with several property owners in installing the best gate for their home or commercial establishment.

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Call the Pros: How to Tell When Your Electric Gate Needs Repairs

Gate Operators

The DIY movement has inspired many to take charge of the repairs and renovations in their homes. But some things need the learned expertise of professionals. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing more damage that will result in pricier repairs or a complete replacement.

Your electric gate is one of the areas where you’ll be better off hiring an expert. Minor issues here can easily evolve into major problems, from short-circuiting wires to electrical fires. Familiarize yourself with the signs of damage to know when to call your local gate repair services.

Common Signs of Trouble

The maintenance of your electric gate is critical to your home’s safety and security. These minor issues can affect your gate’s performance, rendering its ability to keep trespassers out ineffective. Inspect this structure regularly and watch out for the following signs.

Poor Sensor Response

Keep an eye on your electric gate’s motion sensor. Slow or poor sensor response time is often caused by faulty wiring. When left unaddressed, the gate can open or close when there’s someone or something in its way.

Unusual Noises

Most electric gates make noises when operational. But heavy grinding or whirring can indicate technical issues. These types of noise are a sign that the gate has a faulty or worn-out operating mechanism.

Faulty Remote Control

Inspect your electric gate’s remote control. Check its response time, its power light, and its batteries. If you notice any issues to its performance, consider consulting the company that installed the gate. Operational issues might require you to get a new remote control.


A power outage will often render an electric gate non-operational, especially if it doesn’t have a backup power source. But if this problem persists, it might be a sign of more serious operational issues. Leaving this unaddressed puts you at risk of trespassing and other security issues. Consult with a repair service to identify the problem and the appropriate solution.

Visible Wear and Damage

Since your gate is an external structure, it’s typical to see the usual wear and tear and damage. But these can prevent the gate from operating optimally.

  • A word track will affect the sliding gate’s performance, causing it to jerk or get stuck when opening and closing.
  • A damaged hinge will result in grinding and squeaking noises. At worst, it can prevent the swing gate from opening or closing properly.

Although these might seem minor, they can worsen with time. Leaving your gate unrepaired until the last minute will only result in bigger problems and higher repair costs.

Make sure you get the right help for your electric gate. As one of the key structures maintaining your privacy and increasing your security, you don’t want to leave its repairs to an amateur. 4 Sure Gates is a specialist that provides expert repair services throughout Texas. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who will make sure your electric gate is fully operational.

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Look Beyond the Price Tag: How Much do Electric Gates Cost?

Black metal electric gates at a residential home in dallas

Security is a key concern of homeowners around the country. How do you make sure that your home stays safe against stray dogs, vandals, robbers, and neighborhood pranksters? Moreover, how do you ensure that the security system you install won’t inconvenience your household?

One possible solution would be to install an electric gate in your property. It keeps unwelcome people away (only people who hold the remote opener can open the gates) and offers the convenience of automatically opening to let you or your car in. Other features can be added later, like a keypad opener and CCTV cameras.

These are all desirable features that many homeowners wish to have for their property. Unfortunately, electric gates are not as cheap as conventional, flat-top, or arched-top steel gates. The anticipated cost is one of the common reasons many homeowners decide against an electric gate and buy immovable basic steel ones.

How Much Do Electric Gates Cost?

According to Home Advisor, prefabricated, manual-open steel gates can cost $2,500 on average while electric gates can cost around $7,000 to $12,000. With an estimated cost that’s more than twice as much as ordinary steel or aluminum gates, it’s hardly surprising that most people will choose manual-open gates instead of the automatic version.

The Payoffs for Installing an Electric Gate with Automatic Opener/Closer

Let’s suppose you decide that an electric gate is worth investing in. You call 4 Sure Gates for an estimate, decide on a design and automatic opener, and schedule the installation in your property. You’ll be spending the amount that we quote you, plus the fees for labor and other relevant services.

For whatever amount you spend, you also get the following perks:

  • Heightened security
  • Higher curb appeal – Electric gates improve the appeal of the
  • Increased property value – Home Advisor estimates it to be as much as $50,000.
  • Reduced insurance costs – With the added security against vandalism and theft, you could pay lower premiums on your home insurance.
  • You get to enjoy your gate for decades – A gate opener can last for an average of 10 years while the gate itself can last for years depending on the material. Powder-coated steel can last 15-20 years. Aluminum, which is resistant to rust, can last 30 years to a lifetime.

These perks combined offer a massive payoff that is well worth the out-of-pocket costs of installing an electric gate. With the promise of a very long service life, anyone who invests in an electric gate can keep enjoying its monetary, security, and aesthetic benefits.

So How Much Does an Electric Gate with an Automatic Opener Cost?

The figures above are a good estimate; the actual cost varies based on your choice of design, type of steel, and automatic opener. But take into account the savings on your insurance premiums, low maintenance, and virtually zero replacement costs in the next several years. The price you pay for the installation could be less than the sum of what you end up paying in the same time frame if you didn’t choose electric gates.

If you need a more detailed report on an electric gate’s cost with an automatic opener, get in touch with us at 4 Sure Gates. We’ve been installing all types of gates in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 2005. We serve homeowners, businesses, gated communities, apartment complexes, and more.

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