What are the Access Control Features of Gates Today?

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People have used gates to protect their property for years. After all, studies show that a home is much more likely to be burglarized if it does not have a gate than if it has one. But this is not the case only with residential buildings. We can say the same about all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings.

If you want to protect your property from risky situations such as burglaries, we recommend looking into gates with some of the most modern access control features. From RFID tags, intercoms, and security cameras, here’s how to make your property safer and give yourself peace of mind.

Access Control Features to Consider

There are various types of gates that you can install to protect a building or a piece of land. People have used gates for their homes, businesses, crops, and livestock for years. Numerous materials and designs have been used to create these gates, but we’ll focus on the type of access control features or systems you can use to protect your property.

But before you decide on the access control features you want to use, it is wise to consider a few important features about your property and needs:

  • How many people need to have access to the property?
  • Do you need to provide entrance for people, vehicles, or both?
  • What type of access credentials do you want to offer?

You can decide on the best access control features or systems depending on the answers to the abovementioned questions. The ones we recommend you look into are the following:

  • Access Control Credentials: Allow people to enter the premises using an ID badge with their name and photo. If you use such credentials to secure a business, you can also include their position in the company. However, this requires you to employ a security team and have an up-to-date database they can use to check the credentials before allowing access.
  • Keypads: You can install a keypad on any building and tell the code only to those you want to allow in it. However, this can be problematic, as some people might remember the codes and use them to their advantage to gain access without your knowledge.
  • RFID Tags: A system with RFID tags would require you to prepare a separate electronic tag for everyone who needs to enter the building. While time-consuming, this can be an excellent option for larger corporations, as the information on each card is unique and can easily be overwritten in case someone quits or you have a new employee needing a card.
  • Intercom: Usually used for residential buildings, the intercom is a great way to allow remote access to people who do not have another way of accessing the area. You usually connect the intercom to a phone in your residence or office. However, there are better ways to secure a building, as someone might coarse a person into gaining access to the area.

While these are only some access control options you can look into, they are also some of the most affordable and convenient options. You can combine them and add cameras, alarm systems, and other security features to fully protect and secure any premises.

Concluding Thoughts on Access Control Features

We hope this guide taught you a lot about the best access control features you can install to protect your main entrances, driveway gates, or any other type of property you own. If you need help with gate design, repair, or installation, contact our team at 4Sure Gates and book a consultation today!

Discover Modern Security With Touchless Access Control Gates

Touchless Access Control Gates in Dallas

The past decade has seen a shift from touch fingerprint biometrics to touchless biometrics as the preferred authentication method. Touchless access control solutions in gates are gaining prominence due to their enhanced security and convenience. Unlike older contact-based technologies like RFID cards or Bluetooth, which had security compromises, contactless sensors are increasingly becoming more popular.

Today, touchless access control has become a necessity for enterprises and even gates in homes. This article explores the advancements in touchless access control within enterprises, commercial and residential real estate, healthcare, and governments.

Why Touchless Access Solutions?

Touchless access solutions offer a myriad of advantages. In an era where hygiene is paramount, these solutions stand out as they eliminate the need for physical contact with any device or surface. This newfound level of cleanliness is especially vital in a world reshaped by the pandemic.

But the benefits don’t stop here. Touchless access also ushers in a new era of user convenience. Gone are the days when you must take out your keys or enter a code to access your property or office building. Now, you can gain access without the usual hassle with a simple wave or glance.

Finally, these cutting-edge solutions prioritize security like never before. Thanks to advanced features such as liveness detection, you can rest assured that only living, breathing individuals are granted access, preventing any unauthorized use of photos or replicas.

Different Touchless Access Control Technologies

Touchless access control technologies come in various options depending on your preference. Here are some of the latest advancements in access control technologies:

1. Facial Recognition

Enterprises have increasingly adopted facial recognition technology for access control management in gates. This technology utilizes deep learning AI to convert facial images into unique high-dimensional vector templates. These templates are then compared with registered biometric facial data to verify an individual’s identity.

2. Fingerprint Identification

Fingerprint identification, one of the oldest biometric technologies, verifies a person’s identity by comparing the distinct patterns of skin ridges at the fingertip with established records. Recent advancements enable touchless fingerprint verification through advanced camera systems, eliminating the need to physically touch a fingerprint reader.

3. Iris Recognition

Iris recognition-based access control systems identify individuals by scanning the unique annular area surrounding the pupil of the eye. Infrared light is used to capture the iris pattern, and the data is compared to a database to confirm identity.

4. Palmprint Recognition

Palmprint recognition is a newer biometric identification technology that analyzes various features of an individual’s hand, including wrinkles, lines, and underlying veins. It can be used for contactless verification and has applications in in-store retail payment systems.

5. Mobile App Unlocking

Touchless biometric access control through mobile apps leverages the smartphone’s built-in unlocking methods (PIN, fingerprint, face, iris) to confirm the user’s identity to an access terminal. Technologies like QR codes, Bluetooth, or NFC facilitate communication between the phone and the security terminal, enhancing security with multi-factor authentication options.

Seamless Access Control Solutions by 4 Sure Gates

Advancements in touchless access control systems have evolved significantly and revolutionized convenience in various industries and applications, from enterprises to retail and mobile access. As we move forward, touchless access control is likely to play an even more prominent role, offering a seamless and secure means of entry authentication.

At 4 Sure Gates, we excel in installing and repairing access control systems and related gate components. Our expert team can diagnose and resolve issues with your existing systems. We offer accessible, customer-friendly, transparent, and budget-friendly services and products without compromising quality. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for your access control needs!

Is Mobile Access Control in Gates a Secure System?

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Mobile access control systems present a modern approach to managing access to secured areas or properties using mobile devices. Instead of traditional access cards or keys, mobile access control relies on digital credentials stored on mobile devices like smartphones.

This system employs data encryption to protect the credentials of authorized users. Even if a hacker manages to access the system, they cannot read the credentials and exploit them to gain unauthorized access.

Compared to manual gates, gates equipped with mobile access control systems offer enhanced security, convenience, and flexibility. This article explores the significance of access control systems and their potential seamless integration in commercial properties.

Residential and Commercial Properties: Cutting-Edge Security

Mobile gate access control can be highly secure when implemented correctly and supported by robust security measures. It relies on strong authentication, specific communication channels, device security, ongoing monitoring, and physical security measures.

Mobile access control gates have proven highly effective in ensuring robust security across various applications. Here are key points highlighting their effectiveness:

  1. Seamless convenience. Mobile access control gates provide effortless convenience, enabling users to gain entry by presenting their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for physical keys or access cards, streamlining the access process and minimizing the risk of lost or stolen credentials.
  2. Advanced authentication. Mobile access control gates often incorporate advanced authentication mechanisms, such as biometrics or two-factor authentication. These robust measures significantly reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access, providing a higher security level than traditional methods.
  3. Real-time monitoring and control. Mobile access control systems enable real-time monitoring and control of access points. Administrators can track access activities, receive immediate notifications of unauthorized attempts, and remotely manage access privileges.
  4. Flexibility and scalability. Mobile access control gates offer flexibility and scalability, making them adaptable to various environments. Whether it’s a single-entry gate for a residential property or a comprehensive access control system for a commercial facility, mobile access control can be easily tailored to meet specific security requirements.
  5. Integration with comprehensive security systems. Mobile access control gates seamlessly integrate with other security systems, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, or intercoms. This integration creates an interconnected security ecosystem, enhancing protection and response capabilities.
  6. Auditing and compliance: Administrators can review access logs, generate reports, and conduct thorough analyses. This facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and aids in identifying potential security gaps or anomalies.

Contactless Payments for Commercial Applications

Some retailers and shopping malls have adopted mobile access control gates to revolutionize their customers’ shopping experiences. Shoppers can effortlessly make purchases by tapping their smartphones on the gate’s reader, eliminating the need for wallets or physical cards and ensuring instant transactions.

Integrating mobile access control gates with contactless payments brings significant advantages. Customers enjoy a seamless and frictionless shopping experience with reduced queues and enhanced convenience. They can easily manage their transactions through their mobile devices.

For businesses, this innovation drives efficiency and customer satisfaction. The integration enables faster and more secure transactions, minimizing the risk of fraudulent activities. Additionally, the integrated feature enables the collection of valuable insights on customer preferences, allowing businesses to personalize marketing efforts and improve overall customer engagement.

Security and Sophistication for Your Home and Business

With over 20 years of experience, 4 Sure Gates offers top-notch installation and repair services for access control systems, providing robust protection and convenience for homeowners, entrepreneurs, and gated communities. We handle card/key-fob readers, keypads, lock sets, passive exit systems, and more.

Call us at (817) 965-7873 to discuss your requirements and receive a comprehensive estimate.

Gate Repair Services: Secure Your Property With the Latest Access Control Systems

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Pew Research findings show that over 2,000 property crimes occurred per 100,000 Americans in 2019. Interestingly, property crimes such as burglary and vehicle theft decreased by 55% between 1993 and 2019.

Security experts attribute this reduction to several factors, including improving economic factors and integrating security features in residential and commercial properties. Gate companies and gate repair services provide various security solutions that meet the average homeowners’ demand for high-level security, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

A control access system consists of many technological mechanisms that allow homeowners and property owners to control who can get in and out of the property without employing additional personnel. This article highlights some of the most recent control systems that you should consider when upgrading your property’s gate or security systems.

Cutting-Edge Access Control Systems

Advancements in technology and supply have expanded applications of some access control systems; even hotels and homes use these control systems. These are the various types of access control systems for residential and commercial properties:

1. Physical Barriers

Barriers, including turnstiles and the Dallas automatic gate, are touted for their efficiency in keeping unwanted visitors outside. Automatic gates use sensors to detect people about to enter or exit; the access control systems allow the gates to automatically open or close by activating their motors. This type can be combined with other access control systems, such as keypads.

2. Access Card Systems

Access card systems involve the use of keycards to get inside the building or house. Many people are familiar with this control system, particularly in hotels. For corporate buildings, keycards are also the preferred method of control systems used to protect access to sensitive data (handled by employees).

3. Licensed Plate Recognition Systems

This kind of system is often utilized in tandem with automatic gates. This access control system features cameras that are adept at reading license plates of vehicles which are authorized for entry.

4. Biometric Systems

Biometrics are popular access control systems because they leverage the unique physical characteristics that people have, including fingerprints. Unlike keycards or keys which can be stolen, you can’t replicate or easily forge facial recognition or fingerprints. Biometrics are also used in corporate offices and airport security kiosks.

5. Intercom Systems

These are used by the person who needs to enter and the security personnel. In residential areas, homeowners use the intercom to verify the identity of the person or guest behind the door. Besides verification, intercom systems provide an effective means to discourage unauthorized entry because their physical presence signals property monitoring.

Selecting the Right Access Control System

When it comes to automatic gate repair, consider your personal needs. Do you want a simple access control system to boost the security provided by your gate? Or do you want to deter thieves from entering your small store?

In addition, you must look at access control systems that fit your budget now and long-term costs that cover regular maintenance. If you need further advice for your selection, reach out to 4 Sure Gates. Our Texas-based experts can provide a walkthrough of our vetted access control systems for residential and commercial property owners.

Gate Access Control Systems: Why You Need One and Types to Choose From

Many properties — from multifamily housing to commercial office buildings — use gates to maintain security. But where you have a gate, you need a way to ensure only the right people can get through. You need gate access control.

There are various ways to manage entry at your gated properties, from gate intercom systems to RFID readers. But how do you choose the right gate entry system for your property?

Read on to learn more about managing access at gated properties and the various gate access control systems!

Why You Need Access Control for Your Gate

We keep saying access control is crucial for pretty much any gated property, but why?

Secures Your Property

Controlled gate access reduces crime, prevents unauthorized visitors, and helps property owners track who’s entering and exiting the property.

Both residential and commercial tenants prioritize safety, and a gate access control system will make your family or employees feel secure. Controlled gate access also protects children playing outside and pets escaping from the house or yard.


When you have a gate access system, visitors won’t have to request manual access from a family member, gate attendant, or staff member. Instead, they can open the gate using their vehicle, code, or credentials.

Increases Property Value

Residential properties secured by a gate usually rent and sell for more than those without a gate. One study showed that residential properties in gated communities are valued approximately $30,000 higher than non-gated properties.

Types of Gate Access Control Systems

We’ve covered the importance of controlling access at gated entrances, but the next step is choosing an access control system. Luckily, you have a couple of different options to choose from. Some of the most common systems are:

  • Gate Intercom Systems
  • Keypads

Gate Intercom System

If you want a gate entry system with a camera, a gate intercom is the right choice. Some modern gate intercoms have a built-in camera that enables video calling between the resident and visitor.

A video gate access control system also improves security by letting tenants see who’s at the entrance before opening it. Plus, the system may take a time- and date-stamped photo whenever someone enters the property, allowing you to review any footage if needed.

Choose a smartphone-based gate intercom with a mobile app to achieve the best entry experience for visitors. These systems allow residents to open the gate for themselves or their guests from their smartphones.


Keypads are one of the most simplistic access control systems for gates. Rather than using a physical device to request property access, visitors and residents use a designated code or PIN. They enter that PIN at the access control device, and the system opens the gate if the code is valid.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gate Access Control System

With many types of gate access control systems to choose from, how do you pick one for your gated property?

First, you should consider whether you need a residential gate access system or one for a commercial property. From there, consider how many people work or live in the building. Choose a system that can accommodate that many people.

You should also consider the location of your gate. First, if your gate is far from the home or office, you must consider the system’s wiring requirements. Additionally, will your gate access system be installed outside? You may need to install extra protection that will keep it from being damaged by the elements.

Trust 4 Sure Gates for Your Access Control Needs

No matter your gate’s location or access requirements, the best gate control system is any gate control system! Having an extra layer of security on your property will deter criminals and protect your family or business.

If you’re considering installing an automatic gate and access control system, call the experts at 4 Sure Gates! We take the time and precautions to make sure your gate will protect your home and assets — never cutting corners.

Get in touch with our team for a free consultation!

Signs Your Access Control System Needs an Upgrade

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Only 41% of users think their current access control system meets their security needs, but many people are discouraged from replacing it due to the potential cost.

However, out-of-date access control systems can cause significant long-term damage, and it’s often worth the extra funds to upgrade sooner rather than later. Installing a new access system provides a higher level of security, and considering the potential costs of a break-in or robbery, it’s worth the investment.

Learning the signs of an outdated access security system can help keep your property safe. Below we’ll break down some basic issues and help you decide whether or not it’s time to replace or upgrade your system.

Repeated Breakdowns and Malfunctions

Malfunctioning keycards, alarms that suddenly turn on, error messages, or rejecting authorized visitors are just a few symptoms that point to a larger issue — your security system is lacking. When an access control system is constantly breaking down, it’s a sign that it should definitely be upgraded. If a system malfunction was just a “one-time deal,” do some research before writing it off as nothing.

A malfunctioning access system makes your home or business more vulnerable and allows easy access for trespassers. An outdated system is both a nuisance and a liability.

Unauthorized Visitors

If you’ve noticed any unauthorized visitors on your property or signs of a break-in, you likely have an access control problem requiring immediate attention.

Most modern access systems allow you to track visitors and seal keycards or entryways to prevent people from wandering around your building. This makes the whole premises much safer — plus, upgrading your technology has less of a financial impact than a potential break-in.

System Support

If your access control system manufacturer can no longer provide technical support, you’re in for some difficulty. You won’t have access to regular system servicing, and there’s only so much you and the manufacturer can do to keep an outdated system functioning.

You can save time and money by upgrading your control access system, as you’ll have access to manufacturer and product support. It’s also an opportunity to browse better control system options and more advanced technology!

Unavailable Remote Features

Malfunctioning or subpar remote features are another sign that your access system needs an upgrade.

Remote features are beneficial to both homeowners and businesses, especially if your home or office is in a remote and distant location. These features are invaluable for your family or assets’ safety and overall peace of mind.

Lack of Integration

If you have new technology installed in your house or commercial building, you may notice your older access control system has trouble integrating with your newer tech.

Installing an updated access system allows alarms and surveillance systems to seamlessly integrate, along with tracking capabilities and auto-open settings for emergencies. The system can also be used to seal entryways in cases of theft or trespassing.

Your advanced security technology is pretty much useless without an up-to-date access control system.

Professional Access Control System Installation Services

4 Sure Gates has over 20 years of experience installing access control systems in residential and commercial facilities. With our proven expertise and countless satisfied customers, you can trust us to have your new access control system up and running in no time.

Our top-notch gate installation and repair services give your home or business an extra level of security and you some peace of mind. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get a free gate installation or repair quote!

What to Consider When Installing a Wireless Access Control System

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The access control market is expected to grow to $11.7 billion by 2026, so it is hardly surprising if you want to install an access control system. Wireless access control systems are a tech that restricts and authorizes access to certain building areas for different people.

While such systems can be employed in private properties, they’re often installed in companies to ensure the protection of assets, finances, and information. Yet, installing one can be more complex than it may seem at first glance.

Before installing a wireless access control system, keep reading to discover what you should consider.

Can It Function Remotely?

One of the first prerequisites when it comes to modern wireless access control systems is remote functioning. After all, we live in an age where you shouldn’t need an IT technician next to you to remotely review, control, or analyze security access authorizations and restrictions.

Perks of Opting for a Keypad Entry Alternative

In recent years, an easy and efficient way to authorize and restrict access to certain areas emerged — the implementation of a keypad. 

Instead of giving out physical keys to different locations to a limited number of persons or employees, this keyless system requires that all authorized people simply remember a unique code. This way, they only need to type in the code and can enter without depending on a particular object that may be lost or stolen.

Additional Security Entrance Options

Depending on the institution you’re responsible for, you may want to look into other, more developed security systems that will protect vulnerable and sensitive data. One such system is a biometric scanner, which can be selected to scan eyes, voices, or fingertips in order to grant access.

Make sure you think things through before purchasing a wireless system. It needs to be the most suitable one for the property in question.

Ease of Managing the Overall System Interface

While the main purpose of such a system is to restrict access to most people, for those in charge of managing it, it should be the most accessible it can be. In other words, make sure you opt for a system with a user-friendly interface that will be easy to control and maintain.

Since most company employees are not IT specialists, a simple interface can ensure that the system will be accessible to all relevant sides.

Is There Any Other Tech Accessory to Sync It With?

If you happen to be relying on automatic security gates, a security camera system, or other, more intricate technical security measures, your best bet would be to sync your wireless security access system to them. A uniform security body will always work better than separate, individual gadgets.

Find a Reliable Service to Install the Wireless Access Control System

We’re just a call away if you live in Texas and need to install a trustworthy, reliable wireless access control system! At 4 Sure Gates, we only offer expert security services, ensuring that all of your needs are covered when implementing our protection limited access systems.

For an affordable deal, contact us now and talk to one of the professionals on our team. Let us help you find the access control system for your property!