What are the Access Control Features of Gates Today?

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People have used gates to protect their property for years. After all, studies show that a home is much more likely to be burglarized if it does not have a gate than if it has one. But this is not the case only with residential buildings. We can say the same about all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings.

If you want to protect your property from risky situations such as burglaries, we recommend looking into gates with some of the most modern access control features. From RFID tags, intercoms, and security cameras, here’s how to make your property safer and give yourself peace of mind.

Access Control Features to Consider

There are various types of gates that you can install to protect a building or a piece of land. People have used gates for their homes, businesses, crops, and livestock for years. Numerous materials and designs have been used to create these gates, but we’ll focus on the type of access control features or systems you can use to protect your property.

But before you decide on the access control features you want to use, it is wise to consider a few important features about your property and needs:

  • How many people need to have access to the property?
  • Do you need to provide entrance for people, vehicles, or both?
  • What type of access credentials do you want to offer?

You can decide on the best access control features or systems depending on the answers to the abovementioned questions. The ones we recommend you look into are the following:

  • Access Control Credentials: Allow people to enter the premises using an ID badge with their name and photo. If you use such credentials to secure a business, you can also include their position in the company. However, this requires you to employ a security team and have an up-to-date database they can use to check the credentials before allowing access.
  • Keypads: You can install a keypad on any building and tell the code only to those you want to allow in it. However, this can be problematic, as some people might remember the codes and use them to their advantage to gain access without your knowledge.
  • RFID Tags: A system with RFID tags would require you to prepare a separate electronic tag for everyone who needs to enter the building. While time-consuming, this can be an excellent option for larger corporations, as the information on each card is unique and can easily be overwritten in case someone quits or you have a new employee needing a card.
  • Intercom: Usually used for residential buildings, the intercom is a great way to allow remote access to people who do not have another way of accessing the area. You usually connect the intercom to a phone in your residence or office. However, there are better ways to secure a building, as someone might coarse a person into gaining access to the area.

While these are only some access control options you can look into, they are also some of the most affordable and convenient options. You can combine them and add cameras, alarm systems, and other security features to fully protect and secure any premises.

Concluding Thoughts on Access Control Features

We hope this guide taught you a lot about the best access control features you can install to protect your main entrances, driveway gates, or any other type of property you own. If you need help with gate design, repair, or installation, contact our team at 4Sure Gates and book a consultation today!