Signs Your Access Control System Needs an Upgrade

new Access Control System on a gate in Dallas Texas

Only 41% of users think their current access control system meets their security needs, but many people are discouraged from replacing it due to the potential cost.

However, out-of-date access control systems can cause significant long-term damage, and it’s often worth the extra funds to upgrade sooner rather than later. Installing a new access system provides a higher level of security, and considering the potential costs of a break-in or robbery, it’s worth the investment.

Learning the signs of an outdated access security system can help keep your property safe. Below we’ll break down some basic issues and help you decide whether or not it’s time to replace or upgrade your system.

Repeated Breakdowns and Malfunctions

Malfunctioning keycards, alarms that suddenly turn on, error messages, or rejecting authorized visitors are just a few symptoms that point to a larger issue — your security system is lacking. When an access control system is constantly breaking down, it’s a sign that it should definitely be upgraded. If a system malfunction was just a “one-time deal,” do some research before writing it off as nothing.

A malfunctioning access system makes your home or business more vulnerable and allows easy access for trespassers. An outdated system is both a nuisance and a liability.

Unauthorized Visitors

If you’ve noticed any unauthorized visitors on your property or signs of a break-in, you likely have an access control problem requiring immediate attention.

Most modern access systems allow you to track visitors and seal keycards or entryways to prevent people from wandering around your building. This makes the whole premises much safer — plus, upgrading your technology has less of a financial impact than a potential break-in.

System Support

If your access control system manufacturer can no longer provide technical support, you’re in for some difficulty. You won’t have access to regular system servicing, and there’s only so much you and the manufacturer can do to keep an outdated system functioning.

You can save time and money by upgrading your control access system, as you’ll have access to manufacturer and product support. It’s also an opportunity to browse better control system options and more advanced technology!

Unavailable Remote Features

Malfunctioning or subpar remote features are another sign that your access system needs an upgrade.

Remote features are beneficial to both homeowners and businesses, especially if your home or office is in a remote and distant location. These features are invaluable for your family or assets’ safety and overall peace of mind.

Lack of Integration

If you have new technology installed in your house or commercial building, you may notice your older access control system has trouble integrating with your newer tech.

Installing an updated access system allows alarms and surveillance systems to seamlessly integrate, along with tracking capabilities and auto-open settings for emergencies. The system can also be used to seal entryways in cases of theft or trespassing.

Your advanced security technology is pretty much useless without an up-to-date access control system.

Professional Access Control System Installation Services

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