Gate Access Control Systems: Why You Need One and Types to Choose From

Many properties — from multifamily housing to commercial office buildings — use gates to maintain security. But where you have a gate, you need a way to ensure only the right people can get through. You need gate access control.

There are various ways to manage entry at your gated properties, from gate intercom systems to RFID readers. But how do you choose the right gate entry system for your property?

Read on to learn more about managing access at gated properties and the various gate access control systems!

Why You Need Access Control for Your Gate

We keep saying access control is crucial for pretty much any gated property, but why?

Secures Your Property

Controlled gate access reduces crime, prevents unauthorized visitors, and helps property owners track who’s entering and exiting the property.

Both residential and commercial tenants prioritize safety, and a gate access control system will make your family or employees feel secure. Controlled gate access also protects children playing outside and pets escaping from the house or yard.


When you have a gate access system, visitors won’t have to request manual access from a family member, gate attendant, or staff member. Instead, they can open the gate using their vehicle, code, or credentials.

Increases Property Value

Residential properties secured by a gate usually rent and sell for more than those without a gate. One study showed that residential properties in gated communities are valued approximately $30,000 higher than non-gated properties.

Types of Gate Access Control Systems

We’ve covered the importance of controlling access at gated entrances, but the next step is choosing an access control system. Luckily, you have a couple of different options to choose from. Some of the most common systems are:

  • Gate Intercom Systems
  • Keypads

Gate Intercom System

If you want a gate entry system with a camera, a gate intercom is the right choice. Some modern gate intercoms have a built-in camera that enables video calling between the resident and visitor.

A video gate access control system also improves security by letting tenants see who’s at the entrance before opening it. Plus, the system may take a time- and date-stamped photo whenever someone enters the property, allowing you to review any footage if needed.

Choose a smartphone-based gate intercom with a mobile app to achieve the best entry experience for visitors. These systems allow residents to open the gate for themselves or their guests from their smartphones.


Keypads are one of the most simplistic access control systems for gates. Rather than using a physical device to request property access, visitors and residents use a designated code or PIN. They enter that PIN at the access control device, and the system opens the gate if the code is valid.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gate Access Control System

With many types of gate access control systems to choose from, how do you pick one for your gated property?

First, you should consider whether you need a residential gate access system or one for a commercial property. From there, consider how many people work or live in the building. Choose a system that can accommodate that many people.

You should also consider the location of your gate. First, if your gate is far from the home or office, you must consider the system’s wiring requirements. Additionally, will your gate access system be installed outside? You may need to install extra protection that will keep it from being damaged by the elements.

Trust 4 Sure Gates for Your Access Control Needs

No matter your gate’s location or access requirements, the best gate control system is any gate control system! Having an extra layer of security on your property will deter criminals and protect your family or business.

If you’re considering installing an automatic gate and access control system, call the experts at 4 Sure Gates! We take the time and precautions to make sure your gate will protect your home and assets — never cutting corners.

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