How to Choose the Right Electric Gate Access Control System

Electric Gate Access Control System

In 2019, over 340,000 burglaries occurred in commercial properties like retail stores and offices, per the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

One way to keep the number down is to beef up your property’s security. This can come in the form of installing a security system, such as alarms and security cameras. You can also upgrade the forms of protection already present in your property, such as going from mechanical gates to electric gates.

As a premier gate services company in Texas, 4 Sure Gates knows all about security and ensuring your newly installed electric gate protects your commercial property. It all comes down to the access control system you use.

Types of Access Control Systems for Electric Gates

Access control systems for gates are automatic gate openers. Your electronically locked gate is connected to an IP network or an access control server responsible for keeping the gate locked.

When you enter proper credentials, such as a keycard or a PIN, the server recognizes it and sends a signal to unlock the gate, allowing you and any other authorized personnel with credentials to enter.

Each access control system has its unique benefits. Learn about them below.

Digital Keypad

The most common systemcess control systems, keypads, require anyone who wants to enter your property to input a four or six-digit security code. This type of access control is the simplest, but it’s not without risks.

For one, PIN codes can be easily forgotten. They can also be shared with anyone, leading to unauthorized access to your premises. If you also have a heavy flow of traffic regularly, entering PIN codes can lead to congestion.

Magnetic Card Reader

A magnetic or proximity card reader is another type of access control system that functions as a remote control for automatic gates.

You simply need to swipe or hold up a pre-issued access card against the reader to gain access. This is a user-friendly and affordable way to control entry from your property’s gates.


Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a type of long-range wireless access control system comprised of tags and readers. The reader is attached somewhere on your gate, and it will scan and verify the identification tag on approaching vehicles.

Once a vehicle has been verified, the gates will automatically open. RFID can read tags on vehicles from a distance of up to 10 meters, so you don’t have to deal with car congestion on entry.

The great thing about this is that only people you approve of and provide RFID tags with will have access to your property, making it one of the most secure access control options.


Intercoms are widely used in apartments and are a great tool to verify the identity of guests. This type of access control system allows you to talk to guests requesting access and open the gate for them remotely.

You can opt for an intercom system with a camera for an added level of security, allowing you to see guests instead of just talking to them. This type of access control system is best for establishments with guards or staff who can operate the intercom and let guests in.

Secure Your Electronic Gates

As Forth Worth, Texas’ premier gate service provider, 4 Sure Gates offers various access control systems that help you keep your commercial property’s automatic gates secure.

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What Kind of Gate Does Your Property Need?

A gate is not just for privacy and security or adding curb appeal or even raising a home’s value. According to The Spruce, a well-designed gate can quickly become the ‘focal point of a home’s front exterior.’

Since so much is riding on a residential property’s gateway, it’s essential to see what options homeowners have when choosing the right one for their property.

Here are a few of the most commonly chosen gate ideas, combining different styles and materials.

Property and Driveway Gate Styles

The different styles of gateways cater to different needs.

Swing Gates

As the name suggests, these gates swing open and closed like a door, allowing cars in and out the driveway. Ideally, the gates should swing towards the property and away from the outside, especially if the gate is located by the road.

If you want your driveway gate to open outward, make sure there is enough space when the gate is fully opened to avoid blocking passing traffic.

These gates usually open just 90 degrees and do not take up much space, apart from their length. Some even save more space by having two gates of equal length.

Swing gates are also usually installed on a flat plane to avoid scraping.

Sliding Gates

Much like sliding doors, these gates open and close by sliding in and out from a recess located in an adjacent wall or fence. Compared to swing gates, these save even more space. However, the space needed here extends beyond the driveway towards the side.

There are different kinds of sliding mechanisms that are applicable in varying circumstances. The popular V-track slider, for example, is not advisable for properties in snowy locations because the path of the slider needs to be clear and straight at all times.

Retractable Gates

A retractable ground gate is a type of sliding gate that slides in place from recesses on the ground. These are usually automatically operated and require a more complicated setup process, and are also usually more costly. 

This type of gate saves the most amount of space because the gate material is hidden underground when the gateway is open.

Automatic Gates

Automatic driveway gates are becoming more and more popular, especially as smart devices and the internet of things are becoming more common as well. These gates can be swing, sliding, or retractable in design.

They can also have different automatic mechanisms. Some gates can react to radio frequency remotes. Some can be opened or closed with a push of a button inside the property, and others can even be controlled using phone apps.

When it comes to the installation and maintenance of these automatic gates, we’d be happy to help. Call us at 817-965-7873.

Materials for Your Property or Driveway Gate

Gates can be made from different materials as well. The following are usually chosen for their strength and other unique qualities.


Hardwood gates are popular because of the strength of the material and the character it brings to the property. This material can also be used together with metals, especially when making privacy gates that cover the gate area, not allowing people outside to see inside the property.


The usual choices are aluminum and iron for their strength. The weight of these materials should also be considered, especially when you want an automatic mechanism.

Vinyl or PVC:

These materials are similar to those used in decking. They are light, durable, and usually cheaper than the alternatives.

Whatever style or material you choose, the guidance of gateway experts can help you. Give us a call or read the rest of our blogs for more information.

Why You Should Get Your Electrical Gates Professionally Installed

No amount of home security is too much. One of the best ways to keep your property safe is to upgrade your manual gate into an electrical gate. And to ensure this critical feature on your property does what it needs to do, it has to be installed by a professional.

Here’s why you should hire a professional when installing your electric gate.

Tailored for Your Preferences

Electric gates, when installed correctly can improve your home’s curb appeal. This refers to how attractive your property looks when viewed from the street or the sidewalk. An expert installer will work with you to customize your gate’s looks according to your home’s aesthetic. 

You should also consider the way that you want your gate to open. Professional installers will give you a wide variety of options to choose from, whether you want a traditional dual opening gate or a more modern sliding gate. They can also add innovative features according to your preferences and budget. 

Your gate could have an intercom system, so you could just buzz guests into your property. A card reader can also be installed, excluding the need to use keys. 

Guaranteed Durability

Your electric gate may end up with issues, like broken gears and premature deterioration if not installed properly. 

Work with contractors that have certifications and insurance for the job. Ask about the different materials they’ll use for your gate, too. Ensure that they use aluminum so that it’s resistant to rust when it gets in contact with moisture. If you want solid steel, ensure that you’re getting them powder-coated so they’re resistant to corrosion. 

Peace of Mind

An electric gate installation costs time and money. If something goes wrong during or after your installation, you may hold the company accountable for it. This is why it’s important for your contractors to have insurance and to provide warranties. These documents guarantee you that your installers will provide quality workmanship, with the result being a gate that operates flawlessly throughout the years. And if they don’t, you’ll get a discounted, or even free, repair service. Peace of mind is always worth the extra cost that warranties and insurance may bring. 

The United States is never short of crime. The most popular ones, according to statistics gathered by Pew Research Center, are property crimes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that there were 2,109.9 property crimes for every 100,000 people. A security gate may help you boost security for your home.

With a properly installed electric gate, you get:

  • Rock-solid security — Electric gates make it difficult for any unauthorized person to enter your premises. They don’t have exposed locks and some of them come with alarms, in case anyone tries to break through them. Because of these security features, the mere presence of an electric gate is a deterrent for shady people who might want to gain access to your property.
  • Safety for Your Kids and Pets — Apart from keeping people out, electric gates are also great for keeping people inside your premises. Your kids and pets may want to play or walk around your property. A gate makes sure that they don’t wander too far away and onto possible traffic. 
  • Intelligently Convenient — What’s great about electric gates is that you don’t even have to leave the car to open and close them. You can hook the latest models up to a remote or your smart device. This way, you don’t have to worry about possibly forgetting to lock the gate.
Installing an electric gate is one of the best ways to upgrade your home’s security. Apart from providing safety, it also offers improved curb appeal and convenient operation.  Secure a gate that lets you rest easy, and work with a certified electric gate installer.  

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How Electric Driveway Gates Can Up Your Home’s Value

With everyone spending more time in their homes, it’s no surprise that home improvement projects are also becoming more popular. If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably also contemplated a couple of renovation projects yourself. Just remember that one of the most important things to consider is whether a particular improvement will also add value to your property. 

In this regard, installing an electric driveway gate is a guaranteed way to make your home more attractive to buyers in the future. 

Here’s Why:

An Added Layer of Security

Make no mistake; the first and most important role of an electric driveway gate is to secure your property. With a taller and more robust wall compared especially to picket fences, an electric driveway gate can keep threats like burglaries, vandalism, and animal invasions at bay. According to the FBI, there were 1.4 million burglaries in the country in 2017.

The level of security is also increased with the use of stronger and heavier materials like iron, steel, or aluminum. They are difficult to break down or even budge. 

Electric gates add another layer of security in the form of automation. These gates can be connected with a comprehensive security system for the property where any tampering or use of force can trigger an alarm. 

Security is a major consideration for home buyers. And the more security features a property has, the more attractive it becomes on the market. 

Increased Privacy

Along with security, electric driveway gates also add a level of privacy to homes. They prevent passersby from seeing into the home and the people living there. This gives homeowners peace of mind when conducting their daily activities. 

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in the homes they view. Many people place a high premium on their privacy and installing an electric driveway gate will satisfy this need.

More Aesthetic Appeal

More often than not, gates add a certain degree of elegance and luxury to homes. They make the home literally more attractive to look at. They evoke a sense of exclusivity and prestige. They also set the right first impression on would-be buyers. 

When buyers pull up to a house with a gate, they know that the property owners consider security and protection a top priority. This creates the impression that the rest of the property is just as well looked after. 

An automated gate is also an indication of a modern, smart home – a quality that many buyers are attracted to. 

Added Convenience

Of course, one of the main reasons for choosing an electric gate instead of a normal, manual driveway gate is the added convenience. Automation has become a fact of life for many things and opening and closing gates should be no different. 

Final Thoughts? Contact 4 Sure Gates for Your Needed Gate Repairs!

Installing driveway gates, especially electric ones, is a surefire way of upping the value of the entire property. They add security, privacy, convenience, and aesthetic appeal: a worthwhile investment to have in any home.

If you have more questions about electric driveway gates and their many benefits, don’t hesitate to give us a call.