How to Choose the Right Electric Gate Access Control System

Electric Gate Access Control System

In 2019, over 340,000 burglaries occurred in commercial properties like retail stores and offices, per the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

One way to keep the number down is to beef up your property’s security. This can come in the form of installing a security system, such as alarms and security cameras. You can also upgrade the forms of protection already present in your property, such as going from mechanical gates to electric gates.

As a premier gate services company in Texas, 4 Sure Gates knows all about security and ensuring your newly installed electric gate protects your commercial property. It all comes down to the access control system you use.

Types of Access Control Systems for Electric Gates

Access control systems for gates are automatic gate openers. Your electronically locked gate is connected to an IP network or an access control server responsible for keeping the gate locked.

When you enter proper credentials, such as a keycard or a PIN, the server recognizes it and sends a signal to unlock the gate, allowing you and any other authorized personnel with credentials to enter.

Each access control system has its unique benefits. Learn about them below.

Digital Keypad

The most common systemcess control systems, keypads, require anyone who wants to enter your property to input a four or six-digit security code. This type of access control is the simplest, but it’s not without risks.

For one, PIN codes can be easily forgotten. They can also be shared with anyone, leading to unauthorized access to your premises. If you also have a heavy flow of traffic regularly, entering PIN codes can lead to congestion.

Magnetic Card Reader

A magnetic or proximity card reader is another type of access control system that functions as a remote control for automatic gates.

You simply need to swipe or hold up a pre-issued access card against the reader to gain access. This is a user-friendly and affordable way to control entry from your property’s gates.


Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a type of long-range wireless access control system comprised of tags and readers. The reader is attached somewhere on your gate, and it will scan and verify the identification tag on approaching vehicles.

Once a vehicle has been verified, the gates will automatically open. RFID can read tags on vehicles from a distance of up to 10 meters, so you don’t have to deal with car congestion on entry.

The great thing about this is that only people you approve of and provide RFID tags with will have access to your property, making it one of the most secure access control options.


Intercoms are widely used in apartments and are a great tool to verify the identity of guests. This type of access control system allows you to talk to guests requesting access and open the gate for them remotely.

You can opt for an intercom system with a camera for an added level of security, allowing you to see guests instead of just talking to them. This type of access control system is best for establishments with guards or staff who can operate the intercom and let guests in.

Secure Your Electronic Gates

As Forth Worth, Texas’ premier gate service provider, 4 Sure Gates offers various access control systems that help you keep your commercial property’s automatic gates secure.

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