What Kind of Gate Does Your Property Need?

A gate is not just for privacy and security or adding curb appeal or even raising a home’s value. According to The Spruce, a well-designed gate can quickly become the ‘focal point of a home’s front exterior.’

Since so much is riding on a residential property’s gateway, it’s essential to see what options homeowners have when choosing the right one for their property.

Here are a few of the most commonly chosen gate ideas, combining different styles and materials.

Property and Driveway Gate Styles

The different styles of gateways cater to different needs.

Swing Gates

As the name suggests, these gates swing open and closed like a door, allowing cars in and out the driveway. Ideally, the gates should swing towards the property and away from the outside, especially if the gate is located by the road.

If you want your driveway gate to open outward, make sure there is enough space when the gate is fully opened to avoid blocking passing traffic.

These gates usually open just 90 degrees and do not take up much space, apart from their length. Some even save more space by having two gates of equal length.

Swing gates are also usually installed on a flat plane to avoid scraping.

Sliding Gates

Much like sliding doors, these gates open and close by sliding in and out from a recess located in an adjacent wall or fence. Compared to swing gates, these save even more space. However, the space needed here extends beyond the driveway towards the side.

There are different kinds of sliding mechanisms that are applicable in varying circumstances. The popular V-track slider, for example, is not advisable for properties in snowy locations because the path of the slider needs to be clear and straight at all times.

Retractable Gates

A retractable ground gate is a type of sliding gate that slides in place from recesses on the ground. These are usually automatically operated and require a more complicated setup process, and are also usually more costly. 

This type of gate saves the most amount of space because the gate material is hidden underground when the gateway is open.

Automatic Gates

Automatic driveway gates are becoming more and more popular, especially as smart devices and the internet of things are becoming more common as well. These gates can be swing, sliding, or retractable in design.

They can also have different automatic mechanisms. Some gates can react to radio frequency remotes. Some can be opened or closed with a push of a button inside the property, and others can even be controlled using phone apps.

When it comes to the installation and maintenance of these automatic gates, we’d be happy to help. Call us at 817-965-7873.

Materials for Your Property or Driveway Gate

Gates can be made from different materials as well. The following are usually chosen for their strength and other unique qualities.


Hardwood gates are popular because of the strength of the material and the character it brings to the property. This material can also be used together with metals, especially when making privacy gates that cover the gate area, not allowing people outside to see inside the property.


The usual choices are aluminum and iron for their strength. The weight of these materials should also be considered, especially when you want an automatic mechanism.

Vinyl or PVC:

These materials are similar to those used in decking. They are light, durable, and usually cheaper than the alternatives.

Whatever style or material you choose, the guidance of gateway experts can help you. Give us a call or read the rest of our blogs for more information.

Driveway Gates, Gated Communities, Commercial Gates & More

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Typically, a driveway gate, or drive gate, is classified without a motor or operator system, however, not always! We have automatic and electric driveway gates to fit any home style or land style.

We can set your driveway gate at the back of your drive or property, or the front. And as driveway gates are typically large metal framed gates, we can install either a single swing or double swing entry setup, according to your preferences and budget.

Most of our driveway gates are usually built large enough to allow equipment, such as a boat or a jet ski, into the backyard or side of your house, however, sizing is completely up to you, our customer.

Plus, our driveway gate designs can be set up to swing or to slide. Driveway gates can be purchased plain, with ornate design elements, or customized with spear tips, scrollwork, puppy pickets, or infill options – we have so many options, and can match your style and preferences to a T. And, of course, 4 Sure Gates driveway gates are built to last with premier materials from the best brands.

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Automatic Gates for Gated Communities

Our classic gated community designs can weigh up to 500 lbs depending on the size and style that is ordered. Many of our gates come in 10, 12, and 14-foot widths for singles, and 14, 16, and 18-foot widths for double or bi-parting gates. Plus, our automatic gate options for gated communities include a variety of shapes, like flat top, bell curve, and archtop. Check out a few of our styles below – or see them all on our gate design page!

Arched commercial gate designs

Bell shaped gate designs in fort worth

flat gate designs in fort worth

Our more ornate gates show 4 Sure Gates attention to detail and style – however, even simple designs can add security and aesthetic appeal to your gated community.

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Commercial Gates for Your Business

We not only have gate solutions for your driveway or gated community, but we also design solutions for warehouses, lots, and businesses both big or small.

Every commercial gate solution we install, service, or repair is meant to give your business the peace of mind it needs to function well – around the clock!

Our commercial gates provide security and access for all types of businesses, industries, and builders as well as local and state buildings. We have been installing and serving commercial gates and related products to fit all types of sites for over 15 years – making us your trusted and local choice with the experience and quality your business deserves.

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