Three Reasons Your Automatic Gate Has Issues Opening & Closing

Automatic Gate in Dallas Texas being worked on

Is your electric or automatic gate having problems opening and closing? It may be a simple issue you can fix yourself, but if you feel like you’ve tried everything in the book, it might be best to have a professional assess it.

Since automatic gates have many electrical components, it can be challenging to track what is working and what isn’t. But by practicing proper gate maintenance (see our blog on that here), you can extend the life of your gate and hopefully prevent future issues.

Though there are many reasons your gate can malfunction, we’re breaking down some of the primary causes you can check for yourself. Keep reading to learn more!

Interference With Radio Frequency

Most gate operator remotes will send a radio signal to the gate that tells it to open or close — when the gate sensor receives and reads the signal, the gate knows to open or close.

If your gate isn’t responding to a remote or sensor, your automatic gate’s radio frequency may be experiencing some interference.

Radio frequency interference is commonly caused by Wi-Fi issues, cellphone connectivity problems, or disconnected SmartHome systems. To determine the root of the problem, try turning off, disconnecting, or restarting all connected devices. These include Wi-Fi routers, mobile phone remote apps, and any other devices connected to the gate or remote system.

If this does not help the problem, we recommend contacting an expert who can run a diagnostic on your gate operator system.

Malfunctioning Limit Switches

A limit switch is one of the main components of your electric gate, as it controls the opening and closing of your automatic gate. When limit switches are properly connected to the control system’s circuit board, they tell it how far to open the gate and how far to bring in the gate when it closes.

One way you can tell your limit switch is faulty is if your gate sticks or stops before closing completely, causing a gap in your property’s security.

Your gate may stop entirely or stop and roll back open because the limit switch is malfunctioning and didn’t connect. Though this is tricky to fix on your own, hiring a professional to test the limit switch can help you determine if it should be replaced.

DIP Switch

DIP switches are an essential part of an electric gate’s control board and opening mechanism, and are also found in your remote’s circuit board.

If you’re experiencing opening and closing issues with your automatic gate, your DIP switch may require reprogramming, as this can be a common issue. However, this can be prevented if the DIP switch is adequately programmed during the initial installation.

You can reprogram your DIP switch to see if it solves the problem, but if this doesn’t work, you could have a bad remote. If you’re still not sure whether or not the DIP switch is causing the issue, call a certified gate professional to assess the problem.

Still Having Issues? Call the Experts at 4 Sure Gates

There may be times when you can troubleshoot your electric gate on your own, but it’s always best to have a professional certified gate technician help with any electric gate problems.

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