Does Your Property Need Swing or Sliding Gates?

The average driveway costs about $4,433 and homeowners can pay anywhere from $2 to $15 for every square foot. This adds up to a substantial amount. If you want to make the most of this expense, you’ll have to look into each component of your driveway.

Gates are one of the most important of these components; choosing between a swing or sliding gate is the first decision to make.

Compare the two options to identify which style is better for your budget, security needs, and aesthetic requirements:


From the number of moving parts to the installation and maintenance costs, the swing gates come out on top here.

Because of the more complex structure of sliding gates, they generally cost more to set up. Swing gates, on the other hand, may be installed by a non-professional.

Sliding gates also have more moving parts which makes maintenance more difficult. Gates that use tracks, for example, have to be cleared of debris to function properly and not cause issues down the road.


In terms of security, these two gate styles perform similarly. Depending on the materials used, they both offer the same degree of protection as the main access points to your property.

The security of these gates can even be improved with added features like automation. Both these gates can be operated either manually or electronically. If you choose the latter, you’ll have more control and management options. You can also integrate your gate into your property’s security system, if you have one.


Space is one of the most important factors for many homeowners. Making the most of your property means maximizing every square foot of space you have. With driveway gates, sliding ones tend to save more space than swing.

Because sliding gates slide along the fence or wall line, they take up minimal space, especially compared to how a swing gate takes up half a circle, with the gate as a radius, when swung.

Sliding gates are also ideal if your gate is located by the road or the sidewalk. This means there won’t be any risk of causing traffic on either pathway when the gates are opened.


While both gate styles look identical when closed, the differences are clear when they are opened.

On the one hand, swing gates can look cluttered or out of place when they are opened. But they do give homeowners a variety of design options. They can look like big French doors, parting in the middle, or they can be one large gate.

Sliding doors, however, tend to look neater when opened. They virtually disappear into the walls or fences alongside the gate. But sliding gates usually work similarly, giving homeowners fewer real options when it comes to design.

Although the sliding gate is more space-saving, it is also usually the more costly option. The swing gate, on the other hand, takes up more space, but is generally cheaper and easier to install and maintain. Both styles perform fairly equally well when it comes to security features and visual appeal.

In the end, it comes down to the needs of your property and your own preferences. Read more of our blogs or consult our experts to help you choose.

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