The Top Brands and Common Terms in Automatic Gate Repair

Wooden fence with a new automatic gate repair

Automatic gate repair is a global industry that rakes in $1.17 billion every year. This isn’t surprising when you consider how useful automatic gates are to your day-to-day life. The convenience of hitting one button to close or open your gates instead of getting out of your car to do so cannot be understated. Not to mention that some of the automatic gate brands come with multiple advantages such as security settings.

If there’s one downside to it, automatic gate repair can seem intimidating because of its jargon. What’s the difference between a mechanical and an automatic gate? Which are the best brands? Which brand has solar-powered products?

Today, you can dispel the intimidation, learn a few of the common terms in the gate repair industry, and identify some leading brands.


Automatic Gate Repair Vocabulary

First, you should know what separates a mechanical gate and an automatic gate. A mechanical gate can be opened manually, which is why it’s also called a manual release gate. An automatic gate can only be opened using an activation device.

Below are some of the other industry jargon used in automatic gate repair.


Activation device

A device, usually a remote or similar, is used to control the gate. On some activation devices, you only need to hit a button once to open your gate. A constant pressure activation device, on the other hand, requires you to maintain pressure on the button to control how much the gate opens or closes.


The main structure where the gate’s controller and motor are attached.

Control enclosure

A casing or structure that protects the gate’s electrical components from weather and physical damage.

Crank arm

The component that connects a swing gate with its electrical operator.


Refers to the motions of gates proceeding from fully closed to fully open before returning to fully closed.

Disc brake

A brake mechanism using calipers to hold a disc or wheel.

Hand of gate operator

This refers to the side inside the gate looking out, where a gate operator is located.

Obstruction sensor

An electronic sensor that detects if there are objects or people blocking the gate’s path.

Pedestal mount

The act of installing a gate operator on a pedestal or post.

Pinch point

Any part of the gate mechanism where the components can compress and injure a person.

Pressure relief valve

An adjustable valve that controls the amount of hydraulic pressure a gate exerts when encountering an obstruction.

Reach through

An event when reaching through a gate can cause injury should it be activated.


The wheel that controls a gate’s movement along a track.


Top Automatic Gate Brands

There are dozens of automatic gate manufacturers out there, but which ones are the most reliable and the most innovative? Below are three of the most trustworthy and successful automatic gate companies in the United States.

LiftMaster provides innovative gate openers and excels in innovative designs integrating the latest technologies with gate mechanisms.

Ghost Controls specializes in creating automatic gates that are environmentally friendly with their low voltage requirements and solar optimized designs.

Eagle Access is a worldwide manufacturer of gate and garage door openers, excelling in high-quality automatic parts.

Even if you learn all the industry jargon and find a gate manufacturer you trust, you’ll still need the services of an excellent gate installation and repair business. Learning more about gate repair on your own will help you find the company that works best with you.  


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