Ensure Your Gate Repair Goes Smoothly

Electric gates are durable and long-lasting. Manufactured from metal, wrought iron, wood, or a combination of these materials, they can last long despite being exposed to changing weather and extreme temperatures. Despite their sturdy construction, however, metal gates are still susceptible to wear and tear. Electrical and mechanical issues sometimes pop up because of external factors like burrowing animals, insects, vehicle collisions, and human error.

When your electric gate fails, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible — for your security as well as the longevity of your gate opener. As with most electrical devices, an immediate repair can help prevent irreparable damage to your gate’s electrical components. 

To ensure that the repair work can proceed without a hitch and that your gate will be operational again as quickly as possible, make the following preparations:

1. Write down all the problems you observed and relay them all to the technician.

The problem with damaged electronics is that some issues are not always apparent. For instance, the keypad could glitch occasionally and stop working at unpredictable times. If it works perfectly when the technician comes over and they weren’t aware of a possible defect, they will surely miss repairing it. This will only delay your gate from being fully repaired.

If it’s your first time to request a gate repair and you still don’t have a go-to technician, call a prospective company first and describe the problems you’re experiencing with your gate. This way, they’ll have an idea of what’s wrong with your gate, and they’ll arrive prepared with the tools and parts your gate might need.   

2. Request a quote for the repair.

During your phone call, don’t forget to ask for a quotation on the repair. Here at 4 Sure Gates, we always give price estimates that are as close as possible to the final bill (just like you, we don’t like unpleasant surprises when it comes to expenses).  

3. Prepare your gate’s repair manual and product sheet.

Any gate repair professional worth their salt can find out what’s wrong with a faulty electric gate even if they weren’t the ones to install the opener and the rest of the mechanisms. However, it can speed things up to provide a copy of the gate’s specs and troubleshooting manual, if there are any.

4. Create a re-routing plan if necessary.

For clients seeking gate repairs on behalf of the residents of a compound, a homeowners’ association, or a commercial facility, a re-routing plan might be necessary. Motorists may need alternative routes in and out of the property while the repairs are ongoing.

Doing so will also give your repair team enough time to find all electrical and mechanical issues with your automatic gates. More importantly, it will prevent further inconvenience to the residents or workers on the property.

There is never any guarantee that gate repairs will be one hundred percent hassle-free. However, making ample preparations and managing what you can control will increase the chances of a quick and successful repair. 

4 Sure Gates is Your Top Gate Repair Company!

If you’re looking for a capable gate repair company that will make all of your preparations worthwhile, there’s no need to look further than 4 Sure Gates. We specialize in electric gate repair and installations and have been in this business since 2005.

Our company has installed all types of electric and mechanical gates all over Dallas and Fort Worth. Give us a call if you need our services and if your property is in the area. 

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