Three Factors in Choosing the Right Gate Access Control System

The type of gate access control system dictates the level of security your property will have. With burglary being the second most common property crime in 2019, your choice of access control is a crucial security decision. 

To help you narrow down your choices, 4 Sure Gates explores important factors in selecting the right access control system for residential and commercial automated gates.

1. Level of Security

The first thing to consider is the level of security you need. While we all desire the best security system possible, it’s simply not cost-effective for some properties. 

Most homes, for instance, don’t need an elaborate video intercom system that virtually verifies the people at the gate. Meanwhile, many high-security buildings need more than keypad access controls.

  • If you require a relatively low level of security, consider keypads and proximity card readers. 
    • Keypads require a code or PIN as credentials. 
    • Proximity card readers require the person to hold their proximity cards within the reader’s operating field.
  • If you require an average level of security, consider RFID and ANPR.
    • RFID gate access control systems use keycards or fobs. These registered devices are scanned at the gate and grants the person access once the keycard or fob is verified.
    • ANPR gate access control systems use character recognition to scan a vehicle’s license plate. If the system confirms that the plate is registered in the ANPR system, the gate opens.
  • For properties that require a high level of security, consider a gate intercom. In this robust security system, the tenants or employees can verify the person at the gate and open it remotely.

2. Traffic & Frequency of Use

Properties that allow entry to many people require a quick and straightforward system to avoid bottlenecks at the gate. Meanwhile, in a single-family home, household members can take their time keying in the PIN at the keypad.

  • For those who need a convenient method, such as tenant buildings, proximity card readers allow quick access to tenants. It also prevents people from forgetting the PIN or sharing the credentials with unauthorized individuals.
  • For properties that see many vehicles, RFID, ANPR, and vehicle detection systems work best. As the vehicles approach, the gate access control systems quickly verify the vehicle and slowly open. 

3. The Manufacturer

Whatever gate access control system you’re eyeing, verify the reliability of the manufacturer. While reputable providers usually cost more than their less established counterparts, your peace of mind justifies the price increase. Your family or business, after all, deserves dependable security. 

  • Read through reviews and testimonials to see if they deliver on their promises
  • Check how long the manufacturer has been in the business. The longer, the better.
  • Verify the kind of properties they serve. Do they specialize in commercial or residential gate access control systems?

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