Benefits Of Property Gates & Gated Communities

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Gates have been a security feature for centuries, even millennia. From the portcullises of castles in medieval Europe to the towering entrances of cities like ancient Babylon, gates have long been associated with security. To this day, you probably feel a lot safer in a property that comes with its own gate.

Modern gates come in all sorts of different designs, but you must admit they aren’t as imposing as the heavy oak and iron constructions of the past centuries. However, people still put their trust in gates. For example, in the 70s there were just 2,000 gated communities in the United States, but today there are over 50,000 such neighborhoods, with more being built each year. This accounts for more than 7 million households.

So what is the 411 on property gates, driveway gates, and gated communities? What benefits do they give in terms of safety and security? Let’s find out!


Benefits for Residents

One of the best advantages of gated properties and communities is the sense of security these installations bestows on residents. The image of a gated property implies safety and some reprieve from dangerous crimes such as burglaries and home invasions. They give residents a sense of peace and comfort.

Driveway gates, for example, give car owners an increased feeling of security. Imagine the psychological difference of parking your car unprotected by the street or an open driveway. Any would-be carnapper can just spot your car, stroll along, and drive off with it rather easily. But with a driveway gate, not only will criminals have a hard time seeing your car and getting to your car, they’ll have to open the gate two times before they can drive away.

This brings you the third benefit of gates: increased privacy. Without a gate, and the accompanying wall or fence to support it, people have easy access to your property. Anyone can walk through your yard or see into your property when they want. But a gate provides a sturdy screen between the general public and your private space.

Criminal Deterrent

Gates are as good for residents as they are problematic for would-be criminals. First, gates can be intimidating. The presence of a sturdy gate can be enough to dissuade petty criminals or crimes of convenience. Unless they are heavily motivated to do so, most will not risk the noise and difficulty of bypassing a gate.

Gates of durable construction and excellent craftsmanship can also be difficult to disable. Properties and communities can become even more impregnable with additional layers of security. For example, a gated estate coupled with external floodlights and a burglar alarm system can be enough to ensure its residents’ safety. Gated communities, particularly those with large enough budgets, can have roving security teams and CCTV camera systems to monitor their perimeters, not to mention the individual security arrangements of each home.

Gates are the keystone to any effective security measure for a property. Without barriers, criminals and other unsavory individuals have unfettered access to your property. With a gate of the right design, you can make your property or community a better place to live.

Protection Guaranteed

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