Signs that It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Driveway Gate

Company in Dallas Repairing Your Driveway Gate

Driveway gates, especially electric sliding gates, cause numerous dangers and hazards when not maintained correctly. It’s every homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their gates. This isn’t only to ensure that the gate lasts long. It’s also to ensure the safety of everyone using it.

Your gate may have outlived its lifespan or has accrued significant damage that calls for extensive repairs. 4 Sure Gates, having done numerous gate repairs across Texas, knows what signs and dangers indicate it’s time to get your gate repaired or replaced entirely.

Signs to Look For in Your Automatic Driveway Gate

Does Your Driveway Gate Make Unusual Noises?

It’s normal for a squeak now and again, but loud, unusual noises are a big red flag. The gate may make strange sounds during opening and closing, such as very loud screeching, rattling, or loud banging as though components were striking against one another.

Another telltale sound is if you have an electric, motorized gate, and the motor starts making faulty sounds. There could be a foreign item in the motor, or it has shorted out somewhere.

Does Your Driveway Gate Have the Inability to Fully Close or Open?

This is especially important for electric gates, on or off tracks. They are specifically designed to fully slide in or out of the driveway area. If the gate has a habit of getting stuck partway, it may indicate that there’s debris or an obstruction on the track.

It may also indicate issues with the motor. The obstruction, foreign object, or even pest infestation can prevent the mechanism from fully opening or closing the gate as needed.

Is Your Driveway Gate Misaligned?

Rolling gates with tracks that are misaligned need to be repaired immediately. The longer a gate stays misaligned, the worse the damage will get. The gate must roll smoothly and accurately over the track. If it leans to one side, it means the gate is veering. It may bend the metal and create more damage to the gate that requires larger repairs in the near future.

If a gate is veering off the tracks or is completely off the track or can no longer fully close because it can’t reach the other side, it may need a complete replacement. Otherwise, it won’t close securely and protect your driveway.

Does Your Driveway Gate Open & Closes On Its Own?

Electric gates often have their own opening, closing, and automatic locking mechanism. If the gate is now opening and closing on its own, or if it latches and fails to lock correctly, it’s an indicator that the motor or the electronic system is malfunctioning.

It needs immediate repair; otherwise, you’re running the risk of the gate suddenly opening, making your area unsecured. Moreover, if the gate is opening and closing on its own, it may randomly cause an animal, a vehicle, or a person to get trapped inside or cause damage if it decides to close as a vehicle is passing through.

Does Your Automatic Gate Have Failing Sensors?

Electric gates’ opening, closing, and locking mechanisms respond to a command issued through a remote and detected by a sensor. If the sensor is failing to respond to the command or has delays in responding to the command, this suggests problems with the internal system.

Remember that automatic gates are heavy, often fast-moving, and therefore dangerous when out of control. The system needs to be inspected and repaired or entirely replaced with effective sensors and remotes to correct the issue and keep it functional and safe.

Correct & Repair Gate Issues Before They Become a Risk!

By identifying key problems and indicators of repair needs like these, you can maintain your gate’s performance and ensure your property’s continued security and safety. Have professionals assess your gate as soon as these indicators are found so all key issues can be detected and repaired.

4 Sure Gates has inspected, repaired, and maintained gates throughout Texas for years! Our specialists can correct major gate issues and repair or restore gates correctly, or replace them entirely if needed. Contact us today to get a quote for your service and get your gate working safely again!