Safety Features to Have on Your Driveway Gate

new Driveway Gate in Dallas Texas for Security

Once you own a beautiful new electric gate, it is more than important to have safety devices installed. This would protect it from damage and give you protection and security.

Some safety features on your automatic gate are compulsory and based on legal standards. They require a specific risk assessment and to meet several other current standards.

This article will go through the most needed safety features of electric gates.

A Backup Power Supply for Your Driveway Gate

In cases when the power goes out, the electric gate will not operate because it is wired into your home’s electrical system. If the gate does not have a backup power supply, you may end up trapped in your property or, in some cases, locked out of it.

So, one of the crucial safety measures is that your gate must have a single-use battery that opens the gate and leaves it open until power is restored. Another possibility is installing a multi-use battery, which allows your gate to operate normally, even when there is no electricity.

The final option is to install a gate right from the start that can unlock on its own when the power goes off, and you can open and close it like a manual gate.

Regardless of the type you choose, each will ensure your entry to or exit from the property whenever you wish if there is a power outage.  

Safety Reversing Edges & Design

Safety edges prevent damaging all the parts that meet the electric gates and barriers by making the door switch direction when it comes into contact with another object.

Aluminum channels are usually attached to the door’s surface to protect the tires and all parts that contact the gate layer. This way, you save the vehicles as well as other parts approaching the barriers from damage.

Safety precautions are important for people as well as for vehicles because there have been cases of people getting trapped between the gate doors, which can lead to severe injuries or fatalities.

The gate should be developed and designed according to the latest regulations so that it would be impossible for a person to get trapped in it. 

Detection Devices for Your Driveway Gate

Automatic gates have detection devices installed to let the gate know when a person or a vehicle is approaching. It can open or close without any risk of damage. In case something comes close to them, the detection device is triggered, and the electric gate operates accordingly.

Another similar way is installing detection loops. It tells when the vehicle is in the way of the gate, so it stops to avoid any damage. This device can be adjusted according to your preferences, allowing you to operate the gates easily when many vehicles are coming to your place, for example.

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