The Rise of Smart Gate Technology and Its Impact on Gate Repair

Smart Gate Technology in Dallas Texas

Smart home technology meets the demand for homes and buildings that are more responsive to the needs of their users. Beyond futuristic features, these technologies are useful in lighting rooms without turning a switch on, managing energy consumption, and entertainment—“Alexa, play Mariah Carey.”

One particular segment has been gradually catching up after other smart home segments: security. Total revenue was projected to peak at $5.4 billion in 2022. The security segment covers various technologies that prevent burglaries and notify homeowners of intruders and other hazards.

This article focuses on smart gate technology and its growth and impact on repair and maintenance so that homeowners can make informed decisions about this security investment.

The Growing Popularity of Smart Gates

According to the home security resource SmartHome, property crimes are more common than violent crimes, with greater activity in metropolitan areas in the US. In its 2022 report, Memphis ranked third in burglary and first for motor vehicle theft. Other cities that include different property crime types include Dever, Houston, Albuquerque, and San Francisco.

In most cases, unlocked doors and gates play a critical role in successful attempts. Take, for instance, the case in Palo Alto where a burglar was linked to four more burglary cases. Security video footage showed that the suspect found easy entry through unlocked gates in the rear or side yards.

Clearly, these burglaries could’ve been avoided had people locked the gates or had the means to monitor if their gates were unlocked. Smart gate technologies that feature sensors or cameras can help homeowners monitor risky activities through their security application (or app). Furthermore, the presence of monitoring devices can already deter would-be burglars.

Smart Gate Repair and Maintenance

Like any other smart home investment, smart gates require a different level of repair and maintenance. For the maintenance part, some smart gates can monitor their status and notify the homeowner if parts or certain systems require a maintenance checkup or need replacements.

Smart gate repairs demand high-level skill or specialized expertise. In other words, hiring any available repair specialists is not enough. Rather, you need to consider if they receive training and are certified to perform smart gate repairs, including troubleshooting, rewiring, replacing parts, and reconfiguration.

Moreover, these trained specialists must have access to advanced equipment, which they can use to pass through additional security measures that are typically used to deter unauthorized access. While repair and maintenance for your smart gate seem more extensive, the benefits and peace of mind will outweigh the effort.

Smart Gate Checkups

For smart gates, a repair specialist is likely to check for these issues:

  • Slow gate motor
  • Leaky gearbox in the gate motor
  • Unmoving gate
  • Loud sounds, beeping, or banging
  • Rusting gates
  • Misaligned gates


Contact 4 Sure Gates for Excellent Smart Gate Maintenance

Smart gate maintenance ensures that you can use your gate for a long time and replace fewer parts. Your maintenance specialist can also ensure that errors are minimized. To learn more about smart gates repair and maintenance, connect with 4 Sure Gates. We provide comprehensive smart gate solutions and tips for homeowners across the globe.