Should You Repair or Replace Your Damaged Driveway Gate?

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So far, in 2022, there have been 12,902 documented severe weather events in the USA. Experts predict that the number and intensity of storms will only increase due to climate change. Properties, including siding, fences, and gates, are not immune to these events’ detrimental effects.

If your house and driveway gates have post-storm damage, fixing the issues as soon as possible before they escalate is crucial. Continue reading to learn whether you need to repair or replace your damaged driveway gate after a storm.

Common Types of Damage for Driveway Gates

A storm, whether it consists of heavy rainfall or strong winds, can easily damage your gate. The gate’s material, as well as the storm intensity and duration, will be a factor in the degree of the damage. In short, the heavier the storm is, the more damage there will be to your gate.

Some gate issues to expect after heavy winds and rainfall are:

  • Cracks and splinters
  • Damage to the automation or motor system
  • Damage to the gate’s structural identity
  • Severe corrosion (metal gates)
  • Fallen posts and damaged hinges
  • Collapsing of the entire gate
  • Washed away ground pillar or post foundation


The Most Durable Driveway Gate Material

Remember that each gate material acts differently during and after a storm. It will directly affect the amount of damage your gate endures.

For instance, wooden gates suffer more damage because of their high vulnerability to moisture and humidity. As a result, they crack and rot.

Aluminum driveway gates are less susceptible to moisture but can start corroding after heavy rainfall. However, metal gates, in general, are more durable than wooden ones. Vinyl is also a good material choice as it is entirely moisture-resistant.

Remember that your gate’s durability and resistance will ultimately depend on the quality of craftsmanship. For that reason, a high-quality wooden gate can show better results than a low-quality vinyl one.

Residential Gate Replacement vs. Repair

If you are wondering whether to repair or replace, follow the general rule for gate replacement: replace your entire gate if the storm damaged at least 20% of it. You should also opt for replacement if the gate has issues with alignment and its motor.

If you decide to repair instead, we suggest you start planning and saving up, as most repairs take time and are costly.

In addition, the parts you fix might not completely match the rest of the gate. This will disrupt the visual flow and reduce appeal.

Another thing to consider is hidden damage. For instance, your gate might seem fine at first but rot and corrode with time. So, whether you decide to repair or replace, do a thorough inspection beforehand and act quickly after!

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