Pros and Cons of Various Sliding Gates

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Sliding doors have come a long way—researchers discovered the earliest variations in Pompeii built in the first century. Modern sliding doors and gates follow the same concept, a doorway on a track with multiple benefits but far more advanced in security, automation, and durability.

4 Sure Gates has had many customers consider and request sliding gate installation because of their many benefits, as we will discuss below. But choosing the right type of sliding gate depends on what’s well-suited for your property. Each type has its benefits and downsides.

To make an informed decision on the type of sliding gate to get, consider the following pros and cons.

Rolling Electric Gates

Pros of Rolling Electric Gates:

It’s a commonly used gate, making it the most accessible option for private residential and commercial uses. They’re also ideal for wide driveways and take up less space than swinging gates as they will roll over a track and out of the way instead of needing space to swing in an arc.

These sliding gates often have an electronic system that allows homeowners to open them automatically. It’s more convenient to use and more secure as you don’t need to step out of your vehicle to open the gate. They can also close and lock automatically behind you.

Cons of Rolling Electric Gates:

Rolling electric gates are very large and heavy, especially for larger driveways. Should there be any malfunction with the gate’s motors or internal systems, for example, when dampness or moisture penetrates it, the gate will not operate. It’ll be far too heavy and troublesome to open on your own.

Furthermore, as these are the types of gates that don’t rely on a track and have sophisticated motors that enable them to function this way, they’re often more expensive than other gates by roughly a couple of hundred dollars.

V Track Electric Sliding Gates

Pros of V Track Electric Sliding Gates:

These gates use a V-shaped track where the gate runs along upon opening. They are ideal for use in commercial and private areas. Still, they are more suited for large commercial properties, especially those requiring high security, and frequently let in delivery trucks and other vehicles. This is more stable than the standard electric gates because the track keeps the gate in place.

Cons of V Track Electric Sliding Gates:

This is not a good gate for areas that get plenty of snow, as you’ll have to ensure that there is no debris on the track. Otherwise, the debris will cause the gates to jam and potentially cause damage to the system. Furthermore, the rolling wheels of the slide gate are susceptible to wear on the track.

Cantilever Sliding Gate

Pros of Cantilever Sliding Gates:

Because these gates don’t touch the ground, there’s no concern about tracks and wearing down wheels. It doesn’t need support from below to open the gate as well. The elevated gate has rails on either side, making it an ideal choice for driveways that have uneven or pebbled ground. It’s also suitable for areas with plenty of snow.

Cons of Cantilever Sliding Gates:

It takes up much more space than other sliding gates. They typically need 50% more space than the other sliding gate types because of the beams and suspensions of the cantilever. If you have limited space in your driveway, this is not a good gate to choose.

Consult with Specialists About Your Gate

Electric gates and sliding gates of all varieties need to be expertly and carefully installed to ensure that they are built and applied correctly to your driveway. If you’re unsure about the type of sliding gate that best suits your driveway, it’s crucial to consult with professionals who can give you more knowledgeable insight about the right fit.

4 Sure Gates has designed and installed private and commercial electric sliding gates for properties throughout Texas for years.

Contact us today for a consultation, and start designing the perfect gate for your home and get it installed as soon as possible!