Maximizing Security and Convenience With Slide Gates: A Guide for Homeowners

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For some time now, homeowners have swapped traditional, manually-operated driveway gates for more advanced, automatic slide gates. The reason why the global gate opener market is projected to reach $3.43B by 2028 is that modern gate solutions offer greater convenience, security, and design possibilities.

Sliding gates are one of the many seamless solutions for both commercial and residential locations looking to maximize the available space and boost security. Composed of rolling wheels located at the top ground track at the base, an automated slide gate is easily opened and shut.

Keep on reading to learn more about what makes a slide gate great.

What to Consider While Installing a Slide Gate

Installing an automated slide gate is a solid investment that should not be taken lightly. In fact, it’s an investment better left to professionals to handle. The only thing for you to do is mind the following specs relating to aesthetic preferences, location, and size:

Gate Material

Typically, gates are made of three main materials: aluminum, wood, and steel. Let’s look at a short overview of each:


  • Aluminum is not the number-one gate material choice since it’s too light, and harsh movements might interfere with the security aspect of the gate.
  • Wood clads combined with metal frames are perfect as driveway slide gates. They can be customized to follow an existing aesthetic and are amazingly durable and strong.
  • Steel (i.e., wrought-iron) gates are the ultimate gate material, and for a good reason — steel is practically indestructible. They can be made simple or uniquely different to suit any residential or commercial property. If cared for appropriately, a steel slide gate can last for generations.


Gate-Opener Options

Automatic gate openers are something most homeowners can’t imagine being without. In fact, these are becoming so popular in both residential, industrial, and commercial slide gates.

Gate openers offer a sense of elevated security and flexibility. Automated gate openers are super convenient and come either as underground gate openers, articulated gate openers, and sliding gate openers. With only a push of a button, you can be in or out of your property, hassle-free.

Gate Size

Slide gates can be premade in a particular size or customized to follow the preferences of the client. In general, most residential driveways are nearly 10′ wide, whereas the majority of driveway gates are manufactured to be 10′ or 12′ wide.

However, there are alterations in size, depending on the personal preference of the client.

Gate Placement

Flat, non-steep, and straight areas are the best gate-placement portions of a residential or commercial driveway. You should place the gate wherever there’s massive strength to support the gate’s construction. In other words, install the gate at the portion of the driveway with posts to complement the gate’s weight.

Access Control Systems

Gates and access control systems go hand in hand nowadays. Gate access control is what manages the access to and from a property, be it a residential, industrial, or commercial property. Access control systems are great for ensuring only authorized individuals access a property

Gate intercom systems, keypads, and vehicle detection systems are some of the popular access control systems for gates.

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