Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Automatic Driveway Gate Functioning Well

Automatic driveway gates are an excellent investment. Apart from convenience, they improve security, enhance privacy, and enhance curb appeal for any property. 

Driveway gate systems are made from tough materials like iron and wood, but they still require periodic maintenance to keep them looking and functioning their best. Proper and regular upkeep helps protect your investment by preventing major problems. 

Here’s how you can perform maintenance on your automatic driveway gate and keep it in tiptop condition for many years to come. Before you start, however, make sure that the power is turned off.

Keep Your Automatic Driveway Gate Clean

This simple step prevents a lot of future problems. Dirt, dust, dead insects, and bird droppings can accumulate on your gate. The latter can speed up corrosion on metal gates and fade paintwork on plastic or wooden gates. 

To clean your automatic driveway gate, use a mixture of mild detergent and water. Using a sponge, apply the soapy water to the gate. You can use a scrub or brush to remove particularly stubborn build-up. Afterward, rinse the gate thoroughly with water, making sure that no soap residue remains. 

If you have solar panels on your gate, you can use a squeegee and a window cleaner to remove caked-on dust.

While you’re cleaning, be on the lookout for rusty spots, especially on the track, if you have an automatic sliding gate. You may try removing it yourself, but do it with the utmost care; otherwise, you might end up damaging the metal further. If you find evidence of corrosion, the best thing to do is to contact a trusted automatic gate repair company right away. 

Check the Batteries & Replace, If Needed

On average, a gate battery needs to be replaced every five years. If your battery is fairly new, but your gate opener won’t work, or if the battery doesn’t hold a charge, there might be a problem with either the voltage regulator or the solar panels. A competent gate repair person can fix both with ease.

Lubricate Chains & Hinges

Hinges are subject to wear and tear as they’re the components on your gate that are used the most. Keep them lubricated using white lithium grease or a silicone-based lubricant. Both can be purchased from most hardware stores.

Avoid using conventional grease. While this may work well in enclosed machinery, it will attract dirt to exposed parts of your automatic gate system. Over time, it will collect more dust and other contaminants, creating friction and wear on moving parts.

Chains should also be lubricated at least once a year to prevent damage caused by excessive friction. Slide and swing gates typically have concealed, internal chains that also need to be lubricated.

Other components that need to be oiled may include:

  • Opener gears
  • Wheels and tracks 
  • Opener gears
  • Hydraulics

Automatic Driveway Gate Service & Repair

While only done every few months or once a year, maintenance ensures your automatic gate’s smooth operation and aesthetic appeal. Still, despite one’s best efforts, a gate may malfunction for several reasons. Some examples are obstructions and damage caused by pests, weather, or power outages.

If you notice a problem with your gate or need assistance with its maintenance, reach out to the team at 4 Sure Gates. We have more than 20 years of combined experience in servicing and repairing automatic gate systems.

You can rely on us to get your automatic driveway gate looking and functioning like new. Call us at (817) 965-7873 to learn more about our services.