How to Fix Automatic Gates That Make Noise

fixing Automatic Gates in Weatherford, TX

Automatic gates provide plenty of advantages, from privacy and safety to convenience and aesthetic appeal. But while automatic gates are leagues better than manual ones, they can still be susceptible to problems, especially since they’re exposed to the elements.

One of the most common issues with automatic gates is the squeaky, grinding noise they make. The noises your automatic gate makes may be caused by different things, some of which are easily resolved while others may require professional help.

Below we help you troubleshoot your noisy automatic gates!

1. Check for a Lack of Lubrication

One of the most common causes of squeaky noises from automatic gates is a lack of lubrication. Your gate’s bearings, clogs, and gears are all moving parts that need to stay properly lubricated to work. This makes movement against the surfaces of each moving part smoother.

On the other hand, a lack of lubrication makes it hard for the gears to move. The squeaky noise occurs as the dry surfaces grind against each other.

Applying grease to all moving parts should solve this problem.

2. Check for a Dirty Motor

Over time, your automatic gate’s motor can become filled with moisture, dirt, and other debris since it’s exposed to the elements. Not only will this result in the motor making noises but it will also cause the gate to open slower.

If you have a brush motor, the brushes will likely need to be replaced. Otherwise, you can clean the motor according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

You can go further and avoid this problem in the future by upgrading to impermeable weatherproof housing for your gate’s motor.

3. Check if the Battery is Low

Sometimes, the noise automatic gates emit isn’t a grinding or creaking sound, but insistent beeps instead. If that’s the case, your gate operator may have run out of charge. This usually happens after a power outage or if the battery is nearing the end of its lifespan.

To avoid this problem, simply replace the battery of your gate’s operator. Make sure to also have a backup on-hand in case of an emergency.

4. Check for Poor Installation On Your Automatic Gates

Automatic gates should be installed by professionals, especially since they require a certain level of knowledge about wirings. However, despite the task involving wirings, there aren’t regulations that limit its installation to professionals. Some people opt to install their electric gates themselves.

One of the consequences of poorly installed automatic gates is misalignment, which makes your gate emit a loud noise when being opened or closed. If this happens, it’s not something you can fix on your own.

Make sure to call a professional gate installation company to help fix the problem.

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