How to Keep Your Driveway Gate Safe From Pests

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Automatic electric gates are convenient additions to homes—they make your property more secure while making it easier for you to get through your driveway without having to get in and out of your car.

But just like any piece of equipment, automatic gates need proper care and maintenance. This is especially true as gates are exposed to the elements, making them susceptible to more than just wear and tear.

One of the most overlooked risks to your automatic driveway gates is pest infestation. Depending on the material your gate is made from, it might be more prone to insects and other critters than others.

How Pests Damage Your Automatic Driveway Gate

There are different pests that can infest your automatic gates, including:

Snails & Slugs

Snails and slugs can often be found crawling outdoors, especially when your outdoor space has plenty of plants. As such, it’s not a stretch to see them crawling on your driveway gate, too.

But harmless as they may seem, the slime trails they leave behind can reach your automatic gate’s circuit board, resulting in moisture buildup that damages it.


Ants can build a colony almost anywhere, even near or on your automatic gate’s equipment. If your gate’s motor is on the ground or close to it, ants are something you have to look out for since they can corrode your gate’s circuitry and damage the motor.


You may see spider webs form between the railings of your driveway gate, but that’s not the extent of the problem they pose. Similar to a snail’s slime, the webs can cause moisture buildup if they crowd the circuit board.


Mice are notorious for chewing through electrical gate wirings, affecting your gate’s ability to open, close, and lock properly.


If your automatic gate is made from wood, you also have to worry about termite infestation. Though the gate material is treated and sealed to make it suitable for outdoor conditions, termites can still tunnel their way through the wood, causing your gate to rot and compromising its structural integrity.

How to Prevent or Resolve Pest Problems Near Your Automatic Gate

Getting rid of pests can be a daunting task, so it’s best to call in a pest control professional. However, there are maintenance steps you can follow to prevent pests from ruining your automatic driveway gate.

1. Always Clear the Area Around Your Automatic Driveway Gate

Avoid unwanted pests from getting near your automatic gate by making sure the surrounding area is clear. Get rid of pools of standing water, heaps of fallen leaves and branches, or garbage.

2. Clean Your Automatic Driveway Gate Regularly

Though gates can function with little maintenance, it’s still a good idea to clean yours regularly. Wash and wax your gate at least once every few months and make sure no pests are making their home in or around it.

3. Spray Your Gate with Pesticide

Keeping your gates clean should be enough, but as extra protection, you may choose to spray outdoor pesticides around your gate to keep pests away. You can do this once in a while or after every time you clean your gate.

Pests Got Your Driveway Gate?

If your gate needs repair after being damaged by pests, you can turn to 4 Sure Gates for help. Our Dallas-Fort Worth, TX-based team has over 2 decades of experience in electric automatic gate repair and installation.

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