How Does Weather Affect Different Gate Materials?

New white metal gate in Dallas made of aluminum gate materials

Meteorologists predict more frequent turbulent storm seasons in the following decade. So far, there have been 8,769 wind storms in the US in 2022. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your gates and protect your property from future heavy storms.

Read our guide below to learn which gate material is most resistant to weather conditions. You’ll find out how different gate materials are affected by weather – whether it’s rain, snow, wind, or extreme temperatures.

Wood Gate Materials

Wood gates are made of natural material and, as a result, are the most vulnerable to weather. Heavy winds can bend, break, and tip your gate over.

In addition, rainfall can cause gradual deterioration if you haven’t coated your gate. Wood is prone to damage resulting from moisture.

Without a protective coating, the gate will absorb water. If there are freezing temperatures, that water will freeze inside the material and expand its cracks.

But when temperatures climb up, that water will evaporate. The process will continue forever, and this constant shrinking and expansion will ultimately impact the gate’s structure and joints.

Vinyl Gates

Vinyl is far more durable than wood. It has a longer lifespan and is not vulnerable to termites and rainfall. You don’t have to concern yourself about rot, either.

However, a storm can impact this material, too. For instance, a vinyl gate can fall over from the strong wind.

In addition, the material doesn’t hold well in areas with extreme temperatures. It’s simply not as resistant to impact as other materials.

So, if a wind throws a heavy object on the gate, it will break it. In this case, you can’t fix the bruised spot but will need to replace the entire gate.

Iron Gates

Iron gates are a type of metal gates. They are durable and provide a unique look. However, they are not water-resistant.

The substance iron oxide corrodes when in direct contact with water and oxygen. The effects are even more disturbing when salt water is involved (near oceans and seas).

To prevent rain from affecting an iron gate, choose a product with a special protective layer. Such iron gates don’t allow water to enter the material.

Besides water damage, iron gates can break and loosen up during heavy winds. However, there’s no avoiding this one regardless of the material.

Aluminum Gates

Aluminum gates are perfect for areas with a lot of rain. Like iron, aluminum is a metal.

However, it is not as vulnerable to moisture and humidity. This material is considered weather-resistant as it is strong and will never rot.

Nonetheless, a heavy storm can easily bend and break this type of gate. In addition, it can damage the automation system and bring down posts and pillars.

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