Four Telltale Signs You Need Residential Gate Replacement

new Residential Gate Replacement in Fort Worth

An automatic gate can last up to 20 years, but many factors can shorten this lifespan. Harsh weather elements, above-average use, and poor maintenance worsen the effects of wear and tear. And at some point, a gate becomes beyond repair.

In that case, it’s more cost-effective to have your residential gate replaced instead of facing frequent, costly repairs. You’ll save more — and achieve greater peace of mind — if you invest in a brand new gate.

4 Sure Gates compiles four telltale signs you need a gate replacement…now!

1. Defective Safety Features of Your Residential Gate

Residential automatic gates can cause serious injuries, which is why they’re fitted with safety features like sensors and alarms. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates about 300 emergency room injuries every year due to automatic gates. Cases range from cuts to amputations to even fatalities.

Malfunctioning safety mechanisms, therefore, are your biggest consideration for replacing your gate. By proactively getting a new gate, you reduce the risk of collision, crushing, and other massive safety hazards on your property.

In addition, old models of automatic gates have outdated safety features. Upgrading to a new and safer gate minimizes the risk of accidents for family members, especially young children, and pets.

2. Physical Damage to Your Gate

An automatic gate that’s physically deteriorating is an inconvenience and a security risk. Not only is it prone to malfunction, but it will also be easy to break in. A gate that hardly operates and fails to protect your family is better off replaced.

For instance, once rot sets in the wooden planks, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of it. Wooden gates with cracks look like an easy target for determined burglars. In the same vein, rusted and dented metal gates compromise your security.

3. Gate Alignment Issues

If the tracks are severely worn down or damaged, the gate runs off the tracks during opening or closing. Loud grinding noises usually accompany this problem. In some cases, this could be fixed by a technician.

However, some misaligned gates are impossible to repair and require replacement. The gate might have a defective gate arm or gear rack — replacement parts that are difficult to get ahold of. The alignment issue could also be caused by shifts in the foundation where your gate is installed.

We strongly recommend calling our repair team if your gate derails. Gates are heavy (averaging at about 250 lbs.) and need specialized tools. Ask the technician if it will save you time and money to get a new gate instead of anticipating possible derailments.

4. Broken Gate Motor

A defective gate motor often manifests as a slow or unresponsive gate. Your gate motor might have succumbed to rust, corrosion, and wear and tear. In some cases, pests and extreme weather worsen the issue.

This could be solved by replacing the gate motor. The problem, however, is that gate motors are not as easy to replace as a gate opener remote control. You may not find a suitable replacement quickly, and every passing day brings safety hazards and security risks to your property. It’s often easier to get an entire fence gate replacement.

If you’re unsure whether your gate needs to be replaced or not, call the repair technicians at 4 Sure Gates. We’ll recommend a cost-effective solution that meets your safety and security needs.

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