Four Common Gate Motor Problems and How to Fix Them

Gate motor problems don’t always require a professional; some just need a quick fix, and they’ll be up and running again in no time. Check these troubleshooting suggestions compiled by our trusted gate repair technicians in Dallas.

1. My Gate Won’t Open

If your gate isn’t moving or its reactions are delayed, four culprits are usually to blame. 

Gate Outlets & Power Supply

Check the outlet where the gate is plugged. Use a different device to see if it works in the same outlet. Check other outlets, too, to see if their ground fault interrupter (GFI) is working.

Gate Remote Controller or Automatic Gate Controller

If the little red light on the top part of the remote controller doesn’t light up when you press the key, then your remote controller is malfunctioning. 

  • Change the batteries.
  • If changing the batteries doesn’t work, the remote controller might be at the end of its service life. Call your supplier or a technician to have it checked.

Safety Look Sensors & Obstacles

If the sensor recognizes an obstacle, it disables the gate from moving. Check if anything is blocking the way.

Cold Weather Can Affect Your Gate

When temperatures drop, the metal components contract. As such, the gate requires more power to start. The battery inside the metal box is also affected by the cold weather. The internal temperature of the battery drops, reducing the electrochemical reaction needed to produce electrical current, which enables the gate to operate. 

This problem is easily remedied. Clean the battery terminals to remove any resistance to the current flow. Then, apply cold-weather grease to the metal components — it’s important to use lubricants specifically formulated for cold temperatures. 

2. My Gate Won’t Close

If the gate doesn’t close:

  • Remove Physical Obstacles. Inspect if anything is blocking the gate physically. This could be a broken gate arm for a swinging gate or broken wheel bearings for a sliding gate. 
  • Close It Manually. If you can’t find any physical obstacles, close the gate manually. Turn the power supply off and detach the gate arm (for swing gates) or chain (for a sliding gate). Then, manually close the gate. 

If you can’t close the gate, there’s a mechanical issue involved, and it’s best to call a professional technician. The problem might be caused by worn-out components, like rollers, hinges, or rails.

3. Sensors Aren’t Working

When obstructed, the sensors and, by extension, your gate won’t operate properly. Common problems include pests that might have infiltrated the systems or a thick layer of dirt, debris, moss, or mold. 

Inspect the sensors and remove the blockage around them. A quick clean-up should do the trick.

4. My Gate Makes Weird Noises

A gate motor makes a normal, humming sound. However, if it’s noisier than usual or produces an odd noise, something might be off.

  • Check for physical obstacles that might cause the noise. It could be an object stuck in the mechanism or vegetation growing along the gate’s path.
  • If you can’t identify the source of the sound, call in a professional electric gate repair technician in Dallas.

When to Call a Professional Gate Installer or Repairer

  • Worn-Out Components. A technician sources the right parts for your gate and replaces them quickly to get your gate back in working condition.
  • Noise from an Unidentified Source. The repair technician inspects the gate motor to find the noise source and disassemble and reassemble the mechanism, if necessary.
  • Visible Gate Motor Damage. Wear and tear, rust, and other visible signs of damage are best handled by a trained technician.
  • Gate Malfunction Despite Troubleshooting. If the gate is not working, despite all your attempts to fix it, leave the problem to the professionals.

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