Call the Pros: How to Tell When Your Electric Gate Needs Repairs

Gate Operators

The DIY movement has inspired many to take charge of the repairs and renovations in their homes. But some things need the learned expertise of professionals. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing more damage that will result in pricier repairs or a complete replacement.

Your electric gate is one of the areas where you’ll be better off hiring an expert. Minor issues here can easily evolve into major problems, from short-circuiting wires to electrical fires. Familiarize yourself with the signs of damage to know when to call your local gate repair services.

Common Signs of Trouble

The maintenance of your electric gate is critical to your home’s safety and security. These minor issues can affect your gate’s performance, rendering its ability to keep trespassers out ineffective. Inspect this structure regularly and watch out for the following signs.

Poor Sensor Response

Keep an eye on your electric gate’s motion sensor. Slow or poor sensor response time is often caused by faulty wiring. When left unaddressed, the gate can open or close when there’s someone or something in its way.

Unusual Noises

Most electric gates make noises when operational. But heavy grinding or whirring can indicate technical issues. These types of noise are a sign that the gate has a faulty or worn-out operating mechanism.

Faulty Remote Control

Inspect your electric gate’s remote control. Check its response time, its power light, and its batteries. If you notice any issues to its performance, consider consulting the company that installed the gate. Operational issues might require you to get a new remote control.


A power outage will often render an electric gate non-operational, especially if it doesn’t have a backup power source. But if this problem persists, it might be a sign of more serious operational issues. Leaving this unaddressed puts you at risk of trespassing and other security issues. Consult with a repair service to identify the problem and the appropriate solution.

Visible Wear and Damage

Since your gate is an external structure, it’s typical to see the usual wear and tear and damage. But these can prevent the gate from operating optimally.

  • A word track will affect the sliding gate’s performance, causing it to jerk or get stuck when opening and closing.
  • A damaged hinge will result in grinding and squeaking noises. At worst, it can prevent the swing gate from opening or closing properly.

Although these might seem minor, they can worsen with time. Leaving your gate unrepaired until the last minute will only result in bigger problems and higher repair costs.

Make sure you get the right help for your electric gate. As one of the key structures maintaining your privacy and increasing your security, you don’t want to leave its repairs to an amateur. 4 Sure Gates is a specialist that provides expert repair services throughout Texas. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who will make sure your electric gate is fully operational.

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