Automatic Gate VS Manual Gate – Which Is Right for You?

Large custom black metal gate in arlington tx

Automatic gates might be what most think of when they see a driveway gate, but there are other options as well. In fact, there are as many gate choices and preferences as there are home styles and personal preferences!

Nothing makes a first impression quite like a stylish protective gate for your property, driveway, or yard. And a driveway gate can not only dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it also can help better define your property, help your family, pets, and even landscapers will know their outdoor boundaries.

But before you even begin to decide on the style of your driveway gate, you should begin by deciding if you want an automatic or manual gate for your entrance! The difference is usually just a matter of convenience and size, as large gates require automatic or electric motors usually, while smaller gates used for sidewalks or walkways may be manual.

To help you make the best decision for your budget, materials, style, and purpose, here’s everything you need to know about manual and automatic gates.

Manual Gates

Manual gates are operated by hand, as the name says. These gates are often for security reasons when you live in a neighborhood or a city, or when you prefer your gate to reflect the style of your area. Manual gates come with locks to be manually latched and unlatched by hand, not automatically or opened by an electric or solar motor.

And like all of 4 Sure’s gates, our manual gates come in plenty of styles. Whether you want an understated aluminum fence, or a heavier style that leaves a larger impression, we can find the perfect manual gate for you and your property needs.

Another factor is that manual gates are often more affordable and quicker to install. Manual gates may be cheaper and easier to maintain than most automatic gates, which are often larger, heavier, and take a little more maintenance. Additionally, manual gates don’t depend on power, so you don’t have to worry about getting in or out of your property when electricity is out or if the motor is damaged.

Automatic Gates

The opposite of a manual gate, automatic gates are operated by an electric or solar motor. The most popular advantage of automatic gates over manual gates is the fact that they are often more convenient and will open for you, close behind you, and not require any work on your part (or require you to get out of your vehicle to open your driveway gate).

Here are some of our most common automatic gates types:

Swing Gates: These gates swing open and closed like any door might, but make sure your vehicle is far enough back to not get hit by the gate as it swings outward.

Sliding Gates: These gates are the most common type of automatic gate and slide either to the right or left allowing the vehicle to enter, before sliding back to close off the opening.

Bi-Folding Gates: These gates fold and unfold to allow access, think of it like an accordion. These often work in smaller or more narrow spaces where sliding gates cannot be used.

Vertical Lift Gates: These gates move up and down, almost like a garage door, and only work in certain situations. Speak with us today to learn about vertical lift gate options and styles.

Manual Gates VS Automatic Gates | Too Many Options?

Even if you do not have it all planned out, or if you still want to learn more before you make your ultimate choice for your commercial or residential gate, 4 Sure Gates can help!

We know this is a big decision, and there are so many options! That is why we have years of experience in both manual or automatic gate installation, repair, and maintenance.

Contact us today to get your free quote, see our styles, and let us know your property measurements and needs. We look forward to installing or serving your beautiful and secure gate, whether it be automatic, manual, solar, any make or model!

We are here to serve you and all of your gate needs. Contact 4 Sure Gates today!