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Some Common Repair Issues We Encounter With Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are a convenient and secure option for residential and commercial properties, but like any mechanical system, they can experience various issues over time. At 4 Sure Gates, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing common problems with automatic gates to ensure optimal performance and safety for our clients in Springtown, TX, and the DFW areas.

Motor and Mechanism Repairs

The motor and mechanisms of automatic gates are integral to their operation. Issues such as motor failure, worn-out gears, or misaligned components can result in sluggish movement or complete gate failure. Our experienced technicians are adept at troubleshooting and repairing motor and mechanism problems swiftly and effectively, restoring your gate’s functionality with precision and care.

Sensor and Safety System Repairs

Safety is paramount when it comes to automatic gates, and malfunctioning sensors or safety systems can pose serious risks to individuals and property. Whether it’s a faulty sensor, malfunctioning safety beam, or misaligned photocell, our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair sensor and safety system issues promptly, ensuring the continued protection and security of your premises.

Remote Control and Access System Repairs

Remote controls and access systems provide convenient entry options for property owners, but issues such as non-responsive remotes or malfunctioning keypads can disrupt daily operations. Our team specializes in diagnosing and repairing remote control and access system malfunctions, ensuring seamless access to your property with reliable repairs and replacements as needed.

Gate Track and Wheel Maintenance

Smooth operation of automatic gates relies on properly maintained tracks and wheels. Over time, debris buildup, misalignment, or wear and tear can impede the gate’s movement along its track. Our technicians are skilled in gate track and wheel maintenance, performing thorough inspections and adjustments to ensure smooth and reliable operation, prolonging the lifespan of your gate system.

Lubrication and Cleaning

Regular lubrication and cleaning are essential for preserving the functionality and longevity of automatic gates. Our experts recommend using high-quality lubricants on hinges, wheels, and tracks to reduce friction and prevent premature wear. Additionally, regular cleaning of gate components helps to remove debris and dirt, ensuring smooth operation and preventing potential issues down the line.

At 4 Sure Gates, we are dedicated to providing top-notch repair services for automatic gates, ensuring the safety, security, and convenience of our clients in Springtown, TX, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for expert troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At 4 Sure Gates we strive to be the best gate installers in Springtown, TX. We can serve all of your sliding gate repair needs at cheap price you can afford. We do all types of residential and commercial fencing projects, and we are available around the clock, ready to serve you. So if you are in need of a gate installer you can trust choose 4 Sure Gates for a dependable, affordable job every time.

Our Services

Driveway Gates

Typically, a Driveway Gate or Drive Gate is classified without a motor or operator system. With this in mind, they are typically set at the back of a drive as opposed to the front. These Gates are typically large metal framed wood Gates in either a single swing or double swing entry setup. Driveway Gates are usually built large enough to allow equipment, such as a boat or a jet ski, into the backyard or side of house. Our Driveway Gates are very economical. Give 4 Sure Gates a call for details.

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Gate Openers

We provide a full line of custom fabricated gates that can either be manual or automated for your convenience. We carry a full line of residential and commercial gate operators for every application. We can also service any brand of gate operator and we sell, service and install controlled access devices such as Telephone entry systems, intercom systems, card readers, remote transmitters, etc.

Gate Repair

Your custom gate or iron fencing is carefully fabricated and professionally installed. 24/7 gate repair and maintenance is available, so you never have to worry about security or access problems.

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Wrought Iron Gates

Apollo Gate Openers

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Liftmaster Gate Openers

Gate Operator

We specialize in automatic gate operators, and can provide repair and maintenance services on most solar and electric models.

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Gate Operators

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At 4 Sure Gates, it’s all in our name! We specialize in automatic gate operators, automatic gate repair in Dallas TX and Fort Worth TX, and automatic gate installation. We provide you with trusted and local repair and maintenance services on most solar and electric models, too!

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