Arched vs. Straight Driveway Gate Designs

Straight Gate Designs in Dallas Texas

Many homeowners add driveway gates for added security and the safety of their home and family, but it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the design. When looking for the perfect gate design, most people want it to match their property.

Ever since the Romans incorporated an arched shape in their structures, it’s become a part of many designs, including some driveway gates. While the straight design gives the property a simple and modern look, an arched gate portrays a classic, elegant style.

Style and Preferences

When choosing the gate design, every homeowner prefers a particular style. In most cases, it will reflect the style of the home, or the home will influence a custom design. Most homeowners want their gates to blend seamlessly with their property.

Paying Attention to Features

When choosing the gate design, we should consider the property features. Every property has unique features, and hiding them behind enormous solid gates will be a shame.

Use the gate design to frame a piece of the natural beauty your property possesses. Besides the visual appeal, it will also add value to your property. Discuss design variations with the gate designer and identify one that suits your property.

Consider the Cost

Selecting an arched driveway gate may cost you a bit more due to the fabrication of arches. It involves special machinery and qualified labor to produce the perfect curves that fit your overall property style and home design.

If you opt for an arched design, you can choose between “box framing” or a “rolling frame” to create the custom arches. However, box framing is usually used for bulkier designs.

Choice of Material

Regardless of the gate design, be sure to choose a suitable material to avoid any issues with the gate’s weight. Homeowners often select bulky-looking gates without realizing they might be too heavy. 

Although most manufacturers use steel, many use aluminum as a lighter option. Aluminum is lightweight and visually appealing, plus, your gate won’t rust as easily.

Pros and Cons

Straight gates go well with modern house styles, completing the whole look of the house. They offer a modern and sophisticated look, and at the same time, it provides a visual effect of simplicity and elegance.

The curves of the arched gates make us think of classic historic buildings, a shape often associated with aristocratic homes. In that sense, it will turn your driveway into a grand entrance. It will give the house an elegant look, and depending on the choice of the curve, you can make the design look imposing or give it a gentler and softer look.

However, you might have to pay more for arched gates because of the process of producing the curves and waves. 

Customized Gate Designs

Every homeowner wants a customized gate that fits their security needs and style. 4 Sure Gates offers hundreds of types and designs to choose from — just find the one that best suits your home!

We can work with any budget, no matter what style you choose. Get in touch with our team today!