5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Automatic Gates

Automatic electric gates are incredibly convenient for property owners. Drivers, for instance, won’t have to leave the car just to access the driveway. Instead, they can open the gate at a swipe of a card or a touch of a button. 

Just like any mechanical equipment, however, automatic sliding gates need their fair share of care. Periodic maintenance keeps these machines running smoothly, helps you avoid untimely and costly replacement or repair, and extends the life of your gate.

Here are a few preventive maintenance tips to keep this important asset of your property looking and operating in optimal condition:

Keep Your Automatic Gate Free from Obstructions

Objects, such as a branch stuck in the opening mechanism, can damage your electric gate. Eliminate ground obstructions that interfere with the gate operation. 

Perform Pest Control to Get Rid of Crawling Critters

Pest control is one of the most overlooked parts of electric gate maintenance. Insects and other critters can undermine the operation of your automatic gates. A seemingly harmless slug or snail, for instance, can wreak havoc on the circuitry. If their slime trail reaches the circuit board, it could result in moisture build-up and short circuit the electrical components of the gate. 

So make sure to spray outdoor pesticide around the gate operator every three months to keep nasty critters from damaging the gate mechanism. Alternatively, you can find a good pest control professional and have them effectively exterminate the pests on your property.  

Clean Your Gate Regularly

Cleaning your electric gate will get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust. If you have an automatic metal gate, you could use mild soap, water, and a sponge to wash away the grime that has built up due to inclement weather and other environmental conditions. 

When cleaning the gate, check for signs of rust. If you come across rust, scrub the affected area gently. Then, rinse off the soap deposits on the gate and allow the surface to dry.

Lubricate Your Automatic Gate

Cleaning your gate isn’t enough. You also need to lubricate your electric gate. Keeping the moving components lubricated is crucial for the easy and smooth movement of the gate’s mechanism. The lack of lubrication places additional and unnecessary strain on the moving parts. This can overwork the gate motor and lead to a costly and sudden breakdown of the machine’s components. 

So use the recommended or appropriate lubricant on all moving parts every six months. Don’t forget to apply lubrication on motor components, chains, hinges, rollers, and pulleys. 

Polish or Repaint Your Gate

After lubrication comes polishing or repainting. If you have an automatic metal gate, apply a protective wax to cut down the likelihood of rusting. On the other hand, apply a fresh coat of paint if you have an automatic wooden gate on your property. 

Let Us Service Your Electric Gate

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